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7 Winter 2022 Boot Trends you need to know about.

Winter fashion - Boot trends for 2022.

In this post, I’m going to cover Winter 2022 Boot Trends. From statement soles to forever classic investments like riding boots and iconic cowboy boots to funky colourful ankle boots. This Winter Season has much to offer in the shoe trends department.

Although I’m a Spring person when it comes to weather preferences, the Winter season holds a special place in my heart. Mostly because of a wider fashion pallet, layering and a concept of chilly slow mornings of course. I mean coats, boots, layering knits, and wrapping ourselves with soft scarfs. Even though we spend more time at home, dressing up in Winter makes me much more excited than any other season.

After my post about cowboy boots, I started researching the best Winter 2022 Boot trends. I focused on choices that will ease the transition into the new season and make a permanent (read: sustainable) statement in your wardrobe.

Winter 2022 Boot Trends.

A perfect pair of boots can elevate every Winter look.

From loose-fit dresses to your favourite party mini and even the slouchy suits, so trendy for the last two seasons. With a perfect winter shoe, you’ll be able to smoothly implement your Summer wardrobe and transition it into Winter-appropriate looks.

Lately, I’m gravitating towards knee-high and over-the-knee boots, as they are super effortless when it comes to styling. But don’t you worry, if you’re the ankle boot person!  I’ve got you covered with a few hottest options for the upcoming Winter.

Below, I round up the 7 biggest winter boot trends that unshakeably set the tone for a classic, elevated outfits.

Without further ado, let’s jump to my top 7 Winter 2022 Boot Trends:

collage of 4 styled chunky sole ankle boots

01. Statement sole ankle boots.

We’re talking about chunky or/and colourful soles right now. No matter if you emphasize individuality through the colourful combos or you’re a total black outfit lover like me! Statement soles are a perfect addition to your winter boots collection. Whether you choose the lug, hued or chunky and hued variation of a statement sole, you can’t go wrong. There’s a lot of options to choose from, but the leader of this trend is doubtlessly Bottega Veneta (Tire or Flash style). Not only the brand offers a wide range of colours but also 3 different lengths of the shank.

How to style the statement sole ankle boots in 2022?

The hued soles are a perfect way to subtly implement colour into your wardrobe. I’m a total-black outfit junkie and it’s a perfect tool to make your outfit stand out without much effort.

Lug soles are also excellent to temporarily add a few centimetres to your height without compromising on comfort. Not only that, but they’re also looking good with skinny and slouchy fits, so it gives a wide option while styling them. They add that masculine/grungy 90’s vibe to any look.

When I want to balance my super-feminine floral dress, I reach for my Chloe Rain Boots with a chunky sole. Or, on the flip side, whether I’m wearing my boyfriend’s suit (yes, that’s happening), the stubby soles are an excellent way to escalate the masculine feel to another level. There’s no particular formula in styling statement sole boots. It’s totally up to your style, imagination, and personality.

Statement sole boots tick all the requirements for the perfect and versatile Winter boots. Sign me in!

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a collage of 4 horizontal winter combat boot streetstyle outfits

02. Combat boots.

Just like the statement sole trend, combat boots are becoming more and more appreciated thanks to their functionality. I dare to say they’re becoming a serious rival to the statement soles when it comes to Winter 2022 Boot Trends. They’re just as enduring, versatile, and comfortable and they come in different sizes, hues, and patterns. When I think of combat-inspired boots I see the Metropolis Flat Ranger Boots by Louis Vuitton. Iconic Prada Monolith Combat Boots shook with the fashionistas’ world last season and claimed the it-boot title to this day. I’m pretty sure it’s because they’re a genius hybrid of a chunky sole and a combat boot.

Combat boots are undoubtfully the unshakable foundation when it comes to your Winter shoe collection.

Whether you’re into the classic flat version or driven towards punky heeled adaptation of combat boots, or maybe you look for the knee-high version of military lace-up boots, I don’t think there’s any direction you can go wrong.

How to style combat boots in 2022?

Implementing combat boots into my looks is super-fun for me. Unlike the chunky sole boots, I would maybe go away from styling them with suits, as it can be quite tricky because of the lace-up.

On the bright side of styling combat boots: they go extremely well with boxy blazers.

Mini, midi and maxi skirts are my personal recipe to balance the masculine vibe of military boots. Lacy and flowery dresses and chunky, oversized knits are also a great way to elevate them. With the boom of leisurewear during the lockdowns, it’s super fun to implement it styled with the military boot for the ultimate on-the-go looks.

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animal print booties collage

03. Animal Print Boots

Every time I think the animal print will go out of style, it bounces back stronger than ever. This season, it’s surely in the it-boot form. I may be controversial, but I think that

the ultimate zebra, leopard, python, or cow patterned boot is a closet stalwart.

Because the animal print trend comes and goes, I would invest in pieces that will remain fool-proof throughout the seasons. The classic boot with an animal pattern touch ticks off two of the Winter latest trends, whilst being super-easy to implement into your looks. A toned-down look with a strong statement like the zebra printed boots is the definition of time-proof and class and that’s essential for me. I believe that a statement which these are, animal print boots are the necessity in absolutely any wardrobe of a fashion lover. Whether you’re a trend chaser, minimalist or maximalist, or someone in between, animal printed boots hold the power of elevating any outfit I could imagine.

Animal Print becomes a solid Winter 2022 Boot trend that I see transitioning into future seasons.

How to Style Animal Print Boots this Winter 2022?

I’m all about a total black or nude look, that’s always coming back strong during Winter. Animal print boots are a foolproof way to elevate these toned-down hues and add to them a little of a head turn factor. 

Just like with toned-down looks, I love to see the colour mixed with wild pattern boots. A saturated mini dress and zebra knee-high cowboy boots from Isabel Marant is all I think about when it comes to New Year celebration outfits.

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04. Riding boots.

The low stacked heel option with comfort and day-to-day wear. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect boot recipe? When I think about riding boots I can’t help but wonder about a countryside life, but they surely made a huge deal in a big city street style. 

We’ve seen plenty of propositions of riding shoes on the runways during F/W 21, from Celine to Brandon Maxwell to Tory Butch. Just like with many other boot staples, riding boots are a classic piece worth putting the money in. And with the tempting abundance of choices from high street stores, I would definitely look into more sustainable – and lasting choices, as riding boots are here to stay for many cold seasons to come.

How to Style Riding Boots in 2022?

If you’re not ready to say an absolute goodbye to the skinny jeans yet (we don’t judge there), riding boots are a perfect way to go about this during Autumn/Winter and early chilly days of Spring. Second-skin jeans and trench coat with a pair of calf-wrapping leather boots may seem basic to some, but paired with a statement bag becomes a playful, Instagram-worthy look. 

With the rise of loose fit trends, I would probably avoid a dad jeans style, but if you don’t want to feel restricted by a skinny fit jeans, comfy leggings, pleated skirts and Bermuda-style shorts is a strong  and fool-proof way to go about it.

Riding boots are also a great way to play with the proportions of the silhouette.

I love seeing them styled with mentioned above long and midi skirts or tailored loose-fit shorts and strong-shoulder overcoats to give that elongated, masculine illusion.

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a collage of 4 cowboy boot looks

05. Cowboy boots.

In my latest boot-related post I dived into my top favourite boot trend of all time. I admit I didn’t put it on top of this list only to not bore you! I, like many fashion lovers, feel very passionate about cowboy boots for many reasons. One of the main is that they’re never out of style.

Cowboy boots are a perfect long term investment, that you can count on for years and years to come. Not only that, but they’re also ideal for all the seasons, so you get the most out of them throughout the whole year.

Cowboy boots are perhaps the strongest and most versatile out of the Winter 2022 Boot Trends.

They’ve been with us since the ’70s and although the design of them evolved a little and went away from classic rich-decorated styles to more smoothed and glammed versions, there’s no way you can go wrong with either. So if you find a precious treasure while thrifting, there’s no brainer.

How to style cowboy boots this Winter 2022?

My only advice is to look up the street style looks involving the all-mighty cowboy boots. It will prove that they elevate almost everything, from Summer dresses to tailored pieces, to winter coats and tom-boyish oversized blazers (the last option is my top go-to). Not only that, it will inspire you to have fun and experiment with your pair when it comes to styling it.

My one no-no when it comes to styling them would be a cowboy hat. Unless it’s Halloween. Then, it’s okay.

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Winter 2022 Boot Trends - colourful boots

06. Hued, colourful boots.

Just like I mentioned in my Autumn/Winter 2021 Trends post, dopamine-dressing is the direction that the fashion houses went for to lift the spirits and highlight the individuality of the customers. Colourful chunky boots were already mentioned on this list and they become a strong position when it comes to the saturated boot trend. As much as I love lug boots and I’m all about this trend (also, I’m seeing it growing in the future), there’s still a place in my heart for the classic: high heel ankle boot. And nothing makes it better than the staple boot with the twist.

A colouful boot in a classic style is a safe ice-breaker and go-to for people who want to implement more colour into their wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for an ankle, knee-high or over-the-knee boot, flat, high or mid-heel, nothing makes it better than a bold colour variation. If you want to dive into the saturation obsession this season, but don’t want to re-invent the whole wardrobe, a vibrant version of a Winter boot is a snug but still daring option.

How to style colouful boots this Winer 2022 season?

I believe that hued boots are the easiest to style. They work so well in any context and situation. Colourful boots are going to elevate probably everything you can imagine being styled and I’m not exaggerating – from classic picks like the shirt and jeans combo to black dresses and tailoring. And anything in-between.

With the latest trends of bold colour and pattern combos, the sky stops being the limit here. Reach for the stars.

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4 horizontal pictures of knee-high winter boots

07. Knee-high Boots.

Knee-high boots are an unshakable foundation of any boot collection.

Read: A MUST HAVE. Although knee-high boots land on the last position of my Winter 2022 Boot Trends, they’re not the least. From lace-up to pull-on styles, the high Stilleto, a stable middle heel and ‘70s inspired stocky platforms – you can’t go wrong!

While investing in a pair of knee-high boots years ago, I would never think they will be the most reached for pair of boots in my wardrobe. I wear them on repeat for the last 5 years and they’re my go-to boots while implementing my Summer wardrobe into Winter.

How to style colouful boots in 2022?

Knee-high boots are another boot-trick in my pocket when it comes to utilising Summer wardrobe throughout the year. Any Summer dress layered with a boxy blazer and these boots will look chic and well put together without much effort.

Just like riding boots, perhaps I would avoid looser fit bottoms paired with knee-high boots. Consequently, they work well with leggings and skinny jeans. I love playing with proportions while wearing knee-high boots and usually style them with masculine tops and my beloved Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag.

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Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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    Awesome knowledge base for how to wear different boots in 2022!

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