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The 10 biggest Autumn-Winter 2021 trends

Let’s dive into Autumn-Winter 2021 trends. The gloomy British August made us return to our Autumn wardrobe sooner than we would want to. The past 2 years inspired the top designers to fill us with a colourful vision of the future and optimism. Saturated hues, flamboyant suits and statement in size and shape (but also very practical) accessories make this season one of the most vibrant and diverse Autumn-Fall we’ve seen so far.

Fashion, now more than ever, is re-directing and adjusting to the changing world. Amid environmental and economical crises and the All Black Lives Matter movement, the top brands try to survive the ever-changing demand of the clients. Although we got burnt with a lot of performative support and green-washing campaigns, I, like many others, am hungry for the future of inclusivity and sustainability.

Enduring and long-lasting solutions become more important for us, customers. Tired of one-season trends, we can notice the progression on the runway and re-accruing sustainable solutions with timeless notes. Vintage and thrift shopping became the hottest topic not only on social media but in private conversations. Hence designers are also moving towards the re-done and up-cycled direction.

This season we walk away from micro bags to replace them with bottomless, everyday and workday appropriate XXL bags instead. We look into the classic silhouettes like blazers, coats, mini skirts and many more in fresh, saturated colours variants dominating Autumn-Winter 2021. They are already re-accruing and ruling the next Spring-Summer 2022 runways, guaranteeing the smooth and sustainable transition. Knitted co-ords and dresses are another cosy-up trends that re-appears every year and surely will in years to come.

The course towards sustainability, optimism and practicality with the funky twist is the motto of the trends for upcoming colder seasons.

Scroll down to have a look at the list of The top 10 Autumn-Winter 2021 trends.

1. Cutout

Cutouts became one of the most viral trends at the beginning of 2021 and prove that trend doesn’t have to last only for one season. Soft cutout knits will be the perfect way to show off some skin without compromising on comfort during colder seasons. From tank tops to long sleeves and dresses, the cut-out is the excellent subtle accent, that changes the outfit altogether. Also, the long black cut-out dress is silently going to replace the classic cocktail black dresses.

2. Full-on Leathers

Total leather is one if not my top favourite trend, that re-appears on the trend lists every Autumn-Winter season. A leather blazer, jacket or trench coat is a statement by itself but accompanied with leather trousers ads the wow factor like the non-other combo!

3. XXL bags

Mini bags will never be over, but they surely moved from everyday ‘it’ bag more towards evening choices. From enormous Bottega Veneta The Jodie Shoulder Hobo Bag to Large Falabella Tote Bag by Stella McCartney. XXL work bags took over Autumn-Winter 2021 trends. Roomier and city-run friendly. Hence XXL tote gets the status of the most desired and fashionable bag this Autumn-Winter 2021 and I see it being more and more popular every year.

4. Saturated

Dress to impress lost its’ meaning long time ago but defiitely this season. It’s all about ‘dopamine-dressing’ and saturated colours are the key ingredient. Spring-Summer 2021 was beaming with colour propositions by the biggest fashion houses. Seeing the latest Autumn-Winter 2021 runway trends and the upcoming Spring-Summer 2022 seasons, we can rest assured that they’re nowhere to go. I can’t wait to implement few of my colouful bags from Spring into my trench looks.

5. Suit it up

Although many of us are not keen to go back to ‘normal’ working hours in the office, the statement suit becomes more of an everyday choice. Empowering suit has always been on top of my recommendations when it comes to long term fashion investments. Not only it creates a powerful look itself, but also it be separated and styled in many different ways. This season I’m diving into the thrift shops to find a perfect 70’s inspired suit.

6. Monochrome

When I think of monochrome, I always see dreamy tweed Chanel runway looks from the ’90s throughout the last Carl Lagerfelds’ F/W 2019 collection. Monochrome looks have been seen in every Autumn-Winter collection of the biggest houses. Not only you can find everything you need already in your wardrobe, but also you can never go wrong with a classic black and white look. In addition, if you want to spice your outfit up a statement XXL bag or jewellery will works wonders.

7. Knitted top to bottom

Cashmere leisurewear and cosy knitted sets grew in popularity during the lockdowns and were selling like crazy. Autumn-Winter 2021 trends are proving, that we’re not yet (if ever) ready to say goodbye to comforting and comfortable wear. This season is more focused on outwear knitted top to bottom. Look for chunky cable knit dresses and charming knitted sets and style them with riding boots and fluffy wool coats. Also, have fun layering knit on knit!

8. Chunky ankle boots

When it comes to winter shoewear trends, chunky sole is re-appearing every season in either classic or statement re-edition. This time, similarly to 2020, it’s all about the statement chunky sole. Whether it’s a worn-out combat boot or chelsea boots with pastel pink sole from Bottega Veneta, you can’t go wrong styling them. Chunky sole elevate every look, therefore you can style them either with romantic dresses, total leather or masculine winter fits.

9. Khaki

From Simone Rocha to Dion Lee, Celine and Sacai, khaki coats, knits and suits appeared on about every runway this season. Army-green is a perfect choice for us, slightly bored with total white or black looks. Hence I look forward to style my total khaki looks this season.

10. Oversized blazers

Oversize blazer is my forever to-go in absolutely any situation. Whether it’s meeting your friends or mother-in-law to be, an oversized blazer always delivers. Great paired with skirts and denim, an oversized blazer becomes the perfect overcoat for the transition season.

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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