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On wide leg jeans and why you need them in your wardrobe

As a mid 90’s kid, I experienced bell bottoms and wide leg jeans in my early life and after a big widespread of skinny jeans and the birth of punk-sexy Kate Moss era I promised myself to never, NEVER EVER wear them, never buy another pair of them and to never even look in that direction.

Well… Never say never!

As much as I still love a good pair of proper skinny jeans, lately I started to change my mind on wide leg jeans and flare jeans, what’s even more – I started to see many benefits of wearing them on a daily basis!




bloggers point

As many ‘trends’, it all starts on the streets, and it proved to me, that it is all about your personal style and adjusting clothes to your body-shape (not the other way!). After seeing hundreds of skinny-jeans looks posted on websites and printed in tabloids, some of them good, some of them leaving me jaw-dropped (and I still wish it was a good kind of jaw-drop), it started to bore me a little! And it was the perfect time to loose fit, wide leg bottoms to appear!




reverse effect

Skinny jeans are called skinny for a reason – they are supposed to fit almost like a glove – become your second skin, and as much as they can do well for your proportions, they can do a bit of damage (especially after a little bit too big dinner). When you want to hide a little bit from your waist down, wide leg jeans are the perfect ones! Their looser pant leg gives illusion of oversizing, which can make you look slimmer than skinny pant leg (this one will highlight the shape of your legs). Styling wide leg jeans with fitted tops and cute heels will do its magic!



After an esthetic point comes practical one – wide leg jeans are way more comfortable than skinny jeans. They are essential during more active, run-off days, where you need to deal with appointments,  walk your dog, pick up your children from school or go for an afternoon drinks with friends. Or when you just want to create an illusion of busy person. Practical and stylish – it’s a double YES for me!




personal touches

Wide leg jeans are just as extra-easy to style, as any kind of jeans. Even these most classic ones in shape and color will add a little bit of magic to your look and I think it’s the main reason (the second one is the COMFORT) for editors and bloggers to bring them back to life. Either if you are in the extra chic or totally tomboyish mood, they will always make your outfit put well together!




Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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