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5 Black-Owned Fashion Brands to Support

Black and brown people have less chance of getting access to capital to fund their projects and ideas. Black women-owned businesses, in fact, have the least chance to be invested in. Donating, signing petitions, spreading awareness, educating yourself and loved ones and unlearning racist tendencies are one way of fighting racism. Another powerful way of supporting communities and powering your voice is purchasing from Black-Owned brands.

Here are 5 black and brown-owned beauty and fashion brands to support not only today, but always.

This amazing brand founded by Aurora James specializes in handcrafted accessories making, using traditional African practices and techniques. If you’re looking for ‘nude’ pumps and sandals, which are acknowledging seven more than peachy cream shade, this company is for you!

Founded by Grenada-born designer Felisha Noel, is a clothing brand which is deeply inspired by Felisha’s heritage. Her designs characterize with playfulness, texture game and sensuality, so if you’re looking for comfortable statement pieces, this brand is worth checking out! By the way, Spice Girl Ruched Top has my attention 😉

Mother and daughter duo – Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka’s celebration of Black culture and heritage in fashion is simply breathtaking through delicate lace dresses, unisex corduroy suits and silk crop tops and pussy bow blouses. They chose ‘made to order’ way of production, which contributes in fashion waste matter.

Founder Anifa Mvuemba launched Hanifa Clothing, focusing on power clothes for women. Her power-boosting designs in wide range of sizes 0 to 20 with main focus of complementing women’s repressed for centuries curves and sexuality characterize with strongly accented waist, which helps to achieve desirable hourglass shape. If you’re looking for an amazing pieces to dress to impress yourself, you have to check Hanifa Clothing.

Owned by Nigerian fashion designer Dumebi Iyamah, founded at the age of 17 (!!!), Andrea Iyamah gets strongly inspired by vibrant colors, ethnic cultures and nature, creating breathtaking ready-to-wear as well as custom made pieces. If your looking for original, incredibly shaped swimming suits this season, Andrea Iyamah is a place worth checking!

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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