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12 Cowboy boots you’ll love this Fall/Winter

12 Cowboy boots you'll love this Fall/Winter.

Cowboy Boots are coming back strong this F/W 2021 season. As if they were even out of style at all? They constantly re-appear every year in the hottest trends and Instagram fashionistas and the latest new-in’s prove my point. They were spotted on runways of the biggest brands like Celine, Bottega Veneta, Isabel Marant and Sait Lauren, to name the few. We see them getting a ‘new life’ every season, and this year Paris Texas Vegas Boots made me scream in excitement.

When I think of cowboy boots, I definitely imagine so much-missed festivals and LA fashionista girls like Aimee Song. They are a sexy mix of classic, masculine and strong. Plus they’re definitely a pair of boots wearable full-year on, making them a perfect addition to my shoe collection.

Cowboy boots are super versatile when styling.
That makes them my top investment to make this Fall/Winter Season.

As always, sustainability is my main focus and these boots return every year. The all-year-round flexibility of a western-inspired boot makes them easy to implement in every season and wear them to its’ fullest potential. Also, they elevate absolutely any look and are a MUST in every wardrobe. Altogether, they are super easy to implement into many outfits and level up every look. They are definitely not a one-season purchase!       

A brief history:

They were a specific type of riding boots in colonized America, hence the name. Designed with the thought of easy removal and heel designed to minimalize sliding off of the saddle while horseback riding, they became probably the most iconic working boots.

Before the industrial boom that began around 1760, riding boots for cowboys were individually hand-crafted with beautiful detailings, differing in styles and toe shapes.

During the Industrial Revolution, mass production allowed some styles to be produced much quicker. That resulted in the creation of the well-known shorter and softer town-adjusted version – Wellington Boot.

Throughout the late 19th and early 20th century, the popularization of rich in decorations cowboy boots dedicated to town visits started. Equally much more simple and less expensive versions of footwear were dedicated to a cattle drive.

In the 1930s and 1940s with a bloom of western movies in Hollywood, cowboy boots made its’ 1st appearance on a big screen. Icons like Marilyn Monroe and Wendy Waldron appeared wearing now iconic boots. Ralph Lauren made the 1st western inspired boots appearance on the runways in 1979 and they didn’t leave since.

They are much appreciated to these days thanks to versatility, quality and resistance.


black leather cowboy boots

Bottega Veneta

F/W 2020

fendi orange cowboy boots on runway


F/W 2018

double-faced cowboy boots

Shayne Oliver

Spring 2017

turquoise calf length cowboy boots with white detailing

Schiaparelli Couture

Spring 2017

white wide cowboy boots


F/W 2018

How to style cowboy boots?

They’re a perfect ice-breaker for maximalist flowy and feminine dresses. Avoid overdressing. They go well with toned-down colours and other classic wardrobe staples like From formal suit-it-up looks to mini dresses and minimalist blazers-dresses. Furthermore, the short denim shorts and cowboy boots combo from the 00s is brought back to life (and I love to see it). They are also great statement footwear adding attitude to Summer pieces in Fall/Winter seasons.

They work perfectly with maxi Summer dresses layered with trenches and coats and chunky knits. Cowboy boots are also a perfect dance boot. Going out? Pair them with a mini skirt or a simple black dress and micro bag.

I created a list of 12 Cowboy Boots You'll Love this Fall/Winter 2021

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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