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Sunglasses Spring / Summer 2021 you’ll need

Sunglasses are my little obsession this Spring / Summer 2021 season and I’ve decided to make some crucial investments that I’ll love for years and decades to come. As you probably know by now, I’m a big fan of lifelong investments, because they’re more sustainable and wallet-friendly. No-matter your budget, you can find a great Sunglasses to invest in this season. My personal favourite affordable brand I discovered few years back is Le Specs, which I wore in this post <link>. I honestly can’t imagine a sunny day without having them near me.

Sunglasses are a perfect accessory to add a fun factor to your outfits this Spring / Summer 2021 season and became one of my favourite pieces to invest in this year.

18 pairs of sunglasses you'll love this Spring/Summer 2021:

70's inspired sunglasses for S/S 2021:

70’s fashion seem to be a big inspiration for designers for the last seasons and personally my favoutrite! 70’s fashion was focused on individuality, expression and ‘no rules!’ rule! From mini skirts, bell bottoms. Colorful prints and centre parted hairstyles, 70’s sunglasses are a reflection of free-spirited times just ideal for this Spring 2021. I love styling them with total denim looks and XXL bags during colder days.

Rectangular sunglasses fos S / S 2021:

Rectangular tiny sunglasses, originally dating back to 90’s trends, has been a big vibe since 2018. As much as I’m still not over this accessory trend, I start to warm up more and more to a medium size rectangular sunshades. They’re definetely adding a chic factor to every day outfits. I would style them with absolutely anuthing, but most likely a simple tank top and straigh legged jeans or a sundress.

Cat-eye sunglasses Spring / Summer 2021:

When I think about cat-eye sunglasses, I see movie icons Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe. Cat-eye sunglasses were highly popularised in 50’s and 60’s. Their history reach back to 30’s, when Altina Schinasi was looking for ideal optical shape. Since she couldn’t find a perfect pair, she came up with cat-eye sunglasses and she was originally inspired by Venetian masks. They became a symbol of smart, fun and chic beloved by women all around world. I love styling cat-eye sunglasses with oversized suits and volumouts dresses. They’re also a perfect eye wear accessory for a Summer wedding!

Light tint lens sunglasses for Spring / Summer 2021:

Light tinted lenses are a perfect addition to either funky or totally minimalistic looks – they are a big statement for last years. They become more and more appriciated by editors and stylists all around the world. They may not be a perfect solution for an extremely sunny day, but they add a chic factor to any outfit, absolutely. I love seeing them paired with another colourful piece, like a 70’s print tank top or a cute pair of candy-like pumps. They would also bring a wow-factor to neutral shade looks.

Statement sunglasses Spring / Summer 2021:

Funky sunglasses are a perfect addition to your Summer and all year around collection. Just like light tint sunglasses, statement sunnies are a subtle yet effective way to totally change your outfit. Whenever it’s shape, colour or detailing (or all in one), there’s always a pair that sneaks to my collection! They’re perfect either with simple takn top and jeans look or oversized suits.

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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