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What colourful bags am I loving this Spring 2021?

Colourful bags for Spring 2021

I went into details about my favourite sunglasses in previous post <here>, but this time I’ll focus on the latest colourful bags trend that rules Spring and Summer 2021!

I can’t imagine a better season to include a fun colour accent in your outfit, than in Spring/Summer. With the pick of cheerful tone matching trends started by Scandinavian influencers, it’s hard not to fall in love with colour. Bags and purses in delicate pastels and bright colors are an excellent way to add this trend to wardrobe!

Bright colourful bags are my favourite way to add some cute touch into my outfit this Spring 2021.

Bargs in rainbow shades are working extremely well complementing other colours, but are also a perfect addition to a toned down wardrobe. I love a subtle, yet effective elevator for monochrome looks. I gravitate mostly towards neutral colours and they dominate most of my wardrobe. Even the tiniest pop of colour makes a difference in an outfit. In a period of restrictions being slowly lifted, a statement accent like a colourful bag is for sure a positive accent in our lifes. Funky carryall is also a fun way to compliment a lockdown loungewear.

What colorful handbags and purses to choose to make it timeless?

Colourful bags are the hottest season of Spring 2021. And as much as I love it, it’s a trend that mostly hibernates during colder season. In these cases I always make sure that the purchase I make will be the one that I’ll reach out to in seasons to come. I would definitely go with whatever fun hue makes you most excited when it comes to color. I would stick to classic and timeless shape of bright colorful handbags. This way, you will definitely stay assured that the relationship you’re looking at is a long term. It may not be a bag that you reach for the most, so make the most of it. I always make sure two boxes are ticked : 1.colour you love and that’s timeless.

Bottega Veneta is this season’s leader when it comes to multi-choice colour leather handbags. Many other high-end brands took a similar path and offer their ‘it’ designer handbags in many colour variations. This makes it super-easy to find a love of your life! 🙂

Here are few of colourful bags perfect for this Spring 2021:

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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