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Street Style Guide – asimetric skirt edition

Asimetric skirts are probably my favorite way to level up your #StreetStyle game – it looks just amazing and you don’t need much more (although it’s necessary this time of the year) to add to your outfit, to drop some jaws.

And what’s the best, you can either do a little update to your old skirt with a small DIY, or simply layer two skirts – light densely pleaded midi bought during summer will do its best with mini tweed or leather skirt!

How to style asimetric skirts?

They are quite a statement, but there are sooo many amazing ways to style it: starting from the basic top, to long loose trousers underneath, to oversized ankle lenght trench, to up-sized blazer, to leather jacket. There’s no wrong way to do it and sky is the limit (but sometimes it’s worth reaching even higher!)

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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