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Trendiest white jeans this Spring

White jeans Spring / Summer 2021

White jeans are the hottest topic in the Spring / Summer denim style for a reason! They’re versatile and ‘season-proof’ which means you won’t forget about them when colder days come. They are an excellent addition to your existing denim collection and will serve you every season. This, and the easiness of styling them, make white jeans a perfect investment.

Although we are usually told that white denim should stomp out of our Spring / Summer wardrobe, I’m a hard believer in utilizing them all year round. A good pair of W jeans is working great with any shade, from deep browns and burgundies. Neon colours ruling the last years’ trends, are also a perfect match with a pair of W jeans. As we all can’t wait for better (and warmer) days to come, we shall focus on hot seasons in this post 🙂

A pair of good white jeans should be a staple in every wardrobe.​

Straight legged and flared jeans are the perfect fit for upcoming seasons. I mentioned that in 2019 (!!!) post about white editorial jeans, which is favourite and only choice to this day. I can’t imagine ditching the comfort of wearing looser fit types of denim.

How to style W jeans in Spring 2021?

Monochrome black and white looks are the hottest styling trend beloved by bloggers and fashion editors. It adds a chic and well thought outfit vibes and comes in hand in absolutely any occasion. White jeans are a perfect piece to recreate this trend – all you need is white t-shirt and white or black accessories.

Another great way to style them this season is a total white look, just perfect for hot days yet to come. They’re also a great base for a colorful shirt trend, that is growing big, mainly thanks to Spring’21 Valentino Pink Oversized silk shirt.

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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