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Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

In this post, I’m going to cover Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Trends worth checking out. I will share my favourite picks - from beloved statement shirts and formal wear to boho clogs and knitted dresses.

Spring-Summer 2022 fashion trends scream ‘BACK TO NORMALITY’ and we are here to witness that. Fashion weeks finally came in the full schedule since 2020, which means one thing only – a fresh breeze of Spring-Summer trends.

I could not imagine a more fascinating bloom of new trends, although most of them were highly inspired by the late ‘90s and early 2000. We already started to see the comeback of some trends last season with sneaks peaks of low-rise bottoms and chic sportswear. 

This Spring-Summer 2022 we’re looking at fashion trends that are back-to-business focused but also meet functionality. Tailored basic, chic knit dresses and sporty luxe sets to name a few. For reference, imagine the 90’s minimalism balanced with 2000’s playfulness (and absurdity in some cases).

We’re putting the memories of lockdowns (and their slouchy fits) aside and focus on structured and polished fits that meet practicality and individuality.

With the demand for comfortable and uplifting pieces during the pandemic, and now the urge to dare, reveal and celebrate the beginning of a new era, designers were challenged with reconciling two concepts. Hence Spring-Summer 2022 collections are just as adjustable and functional as playful and youthful.

In the age of almost everything being ‘in-fashion’, it’s nearly impossible (and unreasonable) to navigate all the trends that show up on the radar and almost as quickly disappear. 

This seasons’ trends are truly exciting for many reasons! With many references to the past: like technicolour plundered from the 80’s or raised hems (read minis) originating in the ’60s, and comeback of low rise waist. They are easy to adapt and when combined, create polished and effortless outfit formulas.

Although it’s impossible to narrow it down when it comes to Spring-Summer 2022 fashion trends, there’s plenty to choose from.

Scroll down to find out all about Spring-Summer 2022 fashion trends and how to wear them now.

Statement Shirts

A crisp white shirt is an unshakeable staple and truly a must in every wardrobe. However, with the statement shirt trend being introduced early in 2021, there was no surprise that it adapted and grew into quite a strong fashion statement season. Remember the viral pink oversized Valentino shirt that took over Instagram during A/W 2021? At first, it was met with mixed opinions, but this season you can spot the statement shirt trend everywhere.

How to style a statement shirt trend this Spring-Summer?

Like with every statement piece, there’s a variety of ways to style it. When it comes to hued shirts, always opt for an oversized fit to add movement and casualty to your looks. I always go with either straight-legged jeans or oversized shorts and spice it up with chunky jewellery and loafers. Also, a statement shirt doesn’t have to be bright in colour. If you’re looking for ‘calmer’ options, interesting cut-outs, detailed collar or voluminous sleeves are a subtle, yet impressive way to enliven a classic shirt.

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Mini Skirts & Mini Dresses

With Instagram overtaken by Miu Miu Low Rise Mini Skirt, we can’t deny – minis are coming back and doing so strong. Not only that so is a low rise, but we’ll focus on minis now. Last seasons’ maxis and midis, which overtook raised hems, may need a break this Spring-Summer 2022. Leg-revealing silhouettes dominated runways, appearing on shows of leading trendsetting brands like Versace, Loewe, Jacquemus and many more. Hence, get ready for the sky-high hemline, whether as a skirt or dress version.

How to style a mini?

Opt for mini skirts styled with oversized tops, like loose-fit shirts. It’s a great way to combine the two biggest trends! Also, you can pair them with cute micro cardigans that were very popular last season. Platforms and playful kitten heels are a great and comfortable way to visually elongate your silhouette. For a more polished styling, pick the knee-high boots and cut-out or second-skin top paired with a shoulder bag. 

When it comes to mini dresses, the wide shaft boot or heeled sandal and oversized blazer is a perfect outfit formula.

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Platform Shoes

Remembering being swooped over the breathtaking Versace runway videos from the 90’s I’m not surprised that todays’ high-heel pump trend kind of started with the Medusa Head brand. We could already see this trend growing with Winter’s obsession over Naked Wolfe Chunky Platform. To no surprise platform shoes quickly became everyone’s favourite, although some of us (or rather our feet) still didn’t recover since their last days of glory. Now viral Medusa Aevitas Satin Platform Pumps were spotted on And certainly approved by the high-heel icons like Ariana Grande. Not only that, the latest total-pink Valentino Fall-Winter 2023 show was overrun with the platform heels in the same hypnotising colour. With astonishing heels re-debuting on the runways, I can now confirm that the higher, the better.

How to style platform shoe fashion trend this Spring-Summer 2022?

You can choose from a variety of options – from less comfortable mules to ankle-secured pumps and ankle boots. They look and work well styled with almost everything, adding extra chicness and glamour to your looks. You can style them with either looser styles like slouchy jeans and tops or second-skin fits like skinny jeans and tight knitwear. 

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Empowering cut-outs are another huge fashion trend of Spring-Summer 2022 migrating from previous seasons. All thanks to an obvious increase in partywear seeking fashionistas.

For the best references, look for Albanian designer Nensi Dojaka, that proved with the latest fashion show in London that it all comes to confidence, not the body type. Also, seek the latest Saint Lauren collection calling for sexy night-wear inspired dressing. It goes without any doubt that the cut-out trend has already become the most sought-after trend back in 2021 when it took over our Instagram feeds. The last season was highly inspired by y2k, playing with colours and textures. Now we’re looking at more sophisticated, polished and structured re-appearance in the fashion world.

How to style cut-out trend this Spring -Summer 2022?

Look for sheer fabrics and body-wrapping fits with sheer detailing and a subtle-sexy feel. Also, go for whatever you feel comfortable revealing and do not take others’ opinions under consideration. Whether it’s a subtle shoulder-revealing cardigan or full-on cut-out body wrapping dress, you’ve got it, girl! A great way to balance the revealing trend is to add a masculine oversized blazer and chunky soles into your look. As I love expecting the unexpected when it comes to styling, choosing a not-so-obvious flat shoe or sneaker paired with an ultra-sexy cut-out dress is just a chefs’ kiss.

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Knitted Top to Bottom

Although knitted dresses and co-ords are typically ‘destined’ for chilly days, this Spring-Summer 2022 prepare for the reinvention of these pieces. They smoothly transformed from being a comfortable staying-home outfit to fun and chic wardrobe staple. Not only that, they are super-easy to pull off. Transformed to breezy Summer choice, knitted dresses and co-ords will add a bohemian feel to every wardrobe. Not only that, knitted dresses are the chicest way to survive the chilly Spring nights out. 

The options out there are ranging from micro cardigan and skirt co-ords to formal pencil skirts and second-skin cardigans ideal for workwear. From silk-like delicate knits to fishnet-like skin revealing boho choices, knitted co-ords and dresses are the most exciting trend for upcoming seasons.

How to style knitted trend this Spring-Summer 2022?

Look for sheer knits and cut out options and get inspired by beachwear. 70’s inspired fringed knits, subtle and skin-revealing cuts are a perfect way to tick both knitted and cut out trend at the same time. Ivory see-through maxis and short-sleeved sets go hand in hand with bikinis, sandals and woven totes.

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The return of clogs trend started way back in 2020, but this year I see them overtaking the Spring-Summer 2022 shoe trend department. They are traditionally worn as protective footwear and have a great folklore meaning in many places around the world (look up Dutch klomps or Japanese geta). To no surprise, clogs secured a strong place this season. A big influencing factor for this trend to boom was the latest big success of Birkenstocks’ Boston Loafer, inspired by the classic clog.

How to style Clogs this season?

During the Winter season, we could see clogs styled with slouchy modern fits and oversized trench coats. Spring calls for flowy, girly dresses and wooden loafers are the ideal way to elevate them. Also, knitted and crochet tops, flared jeans and Summer white dresses will go hand in hand with clogs. Yet, if you want to achieve a sleek chic look, wide elegant trousers and an oversized shirt will balance them. So will top-to bottom cashmere set. I would like to say what to avoid, however, we’ve seen these shoes paired even with formal wear. And let me tell you, it for sure looks fabulous!

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Business Wear

While many of us went through drastic work changes since 2020, the biggest fashion houses answered with spirit-lifting business wear. This Spring-Summer 2022 trends meet functionality (the lockdown residue) with funky and joyful twists. Boxy silhouettes and masculine suits in dopamine-kick colours conquered the runways and the high street. Crisp statement shirts are the one way to incorporate a business trend. Oversized, masculine suits in bright shades either matched with a casual sneaker or super-feminine high heels is the other. 

How to style business wear trend this Spring-Summer 2022?

Business wear doesn’t have to be restricted to office time only! Slouchy, oversized suit styled with bright micro top or knitted bralette is a great outfit formula for girls’ night out or night date. If you’re planning on investing in colourful officewear this year, all you need is a pair of platform high heels and a statement micro bag, and you’re good to go. 

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Low Waist Pants

After many years of the high-waisted pants era, this moment (of horror for some) came. Low rise bottoms are back in style and did it almost forcefully. The speed of Miu Miu Low-Rise Cotton Skirt going viral and getting sold out within seconds speaks for itself. Whether I’m obsessed with it or not, the trend brings back a real nostalgia from my early years with fashion (and memories of struggle). This season offers countless styles of low waist bottoms – from put together, formal-like low-slung wiast from Petar Petrov, to casual mini skirts and shorts and even to silky after-dark propositions from Tom Ford.

How to style low rise bottoms this Summer 2022?

Although you probably sensed that I’m not a big fan of low-rise fits, I’m willing to try the trend out – you never know, until you test it yourself. If you’re not eager to spend money on a low-rise trend you don’t 100% feel, try flipping your high or mid-waist jeans and secure the fly with a safety pin to create ‘a temporary’ low rise style. Also, choosing loose-fit options rather than skinny jeans may help. Elevate your low rise bottoms with flowy oversized shirts and flat sandals for the put-together everyday look. Tank tops and bralettes solo or paired with an oversized blazer will also work hand-in-hand with low-slung bottoms.

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Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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  1. I love minis, I’m only 5ft tall and think the shorter hem helps me look a little taller. Going to stick my head in the sand and pretend the low rise thing isn’t happening though.

    1. Minis are super cute and can’t wait to see you rock them! I pledged to try lowrise, love how they look especially well-styled but I can’t get over my past experiences with them lol

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