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Square-toe boot trend alert 2022

In this post, I’m going to cover square-toe Boot Trend 2022. I will share my favourite picks - from statement head-turners, classic wardrobe staples to choices balancing between timely and timeless.

Out of all boot propositions for this winter 2022, square toes are proving to be an absolute favourite in fashion trend circles right now.

With a few moments of the cold season left, it is not too late (or early) to upgrade and build a sustainable and versatile wardrobe base. In the winter boot department, an angular-toed boot is constantly reappearing on the hottest boot trend for a good reason. Not only it is versatile but most comfortable and truly a star when it comes to classic winter footwear. A square toe has an incredible ability to either overtake the look or play a subtle role. Read: square boots are super-easy to style and implement into every outfit. Timeless and effortless without compromising comfort is all we strive for.

Just when we thought that the Square-toe Boot Trend was over, it came back stronger than ever!

With the present big bloom of trends inspired by the last decade of the 20th century, it is not surprising that sturdy angular toes are becoming a hit by 2022.

From elongated, sturdy to pointed toes, the ankle and knee-reaching length angled toe boots, the fashion choices here are bottomless. This season I am especially gravitating towards Miista square-toed and the distinct Miista concave toe options. Although the second-mentioned is slightly running away from a traditional square shape, it still ticks the boxes of somehow angular.

Nevertheless, both Miista propositions are of high-end quality, but they also are fairly budget-friendly investments looking at the other brands. Win-win!

Although square toe shoes don’t t always share positive feedback from fashion lovers, they are making a big comeback for upcoming seasons. Their last actual in-the-moment was in the ’90s, but they subtly intervened in the boot trends throughout the ’60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.  With the present big bloom of trends inspired by the last decade of the 20th century, it is not surprising that sturdy angular toes are becoming a hit by 2022.

Without further ado, let’s jump to square-toe boot trend Winter 2022:

Scroll down to find out all about Square-Toe Boot Trend and how to wear them now.

Pointed Square-Toe Boots

The perfect hybrid between pointy and angular toed is pointed square-toe boots. The dramatic shape can assure an ultimate and forever statement that adds a vintage feel to any outfit. They work especially well with short skirts and mini dresses, which allows you to enjoy them all year round. Pointed boots ended with square-cut are very popular in the cowboy boot section so you can marry both trends at the same time.


Pointed square-toe boots elevate mini skirts and dresses which makes them a great investment that can be worn even in the summer.

On the other hand, they can be used to utilize the summer wardrobe and implement your minis into the winter and transitional season. With the latest growing popularisation of tights, square-toed pointy boots seem like an ideal tool to do so. For reference, look at the picture above. The pointy boots with angular end are very ’90s and are the key to creating an absolute supermodel minimal look.

Click and shop my favourite pointed square-toe boot picks

Ankle Square-toe Boots

There’s nothing better (and more ‘80s) than ankle-length square-toed boots peeking out from under a pair of flared jeans. The sculptural form of an angular shaped ankle boot is very underestimated these days. We all love a sexy pointy or rounded boot, and I always gravitate to the previous option – the pointy square boot.


However, there is something unexpected, unpredictable and not-so-obvious in the ankle square-toed boot.

I usually style my square-toed ankle boots with wide-leg pants, as mentioned above, but lately, I love to experiment with them by adding texture and length to the look. An ankle reaching coat and puffer cropped jackets (look up 9 best coat trends for references) are my go-to when it comes to styling them. Flat heel angular ankle boot is my go-to whenever I want to add grunginess to my looks.

Shop my favourite ankle square-toe boot picks

High Square-toe Boots

When you look up the 60’s fashion you will 100% see calf-high square-toed boots. They go hand in hand with mini skirts (currently trending), retro patterns and everything denim.

The square-toed high boots balance contemporary and minimalism whilst ticking off the timeless sophistication. Lookup for the ones made from polished calfskin leather in black, for the forever purchase.

If you’re more of a minimalistic gal, the wide shaft angular high boots are a great choice – they’ll become an elevating statement adding subtle wow-factor to every Autumn-Winter look. Style them with flowy dresses (highly recommend utilising a part of your Summer wardrobe), chunky knits, and long coats to achieve the chic-minimal looks.

Choose from my favourite knee-high square-toe boot picks
Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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