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8 Flat Shoe Trends for Summer 2022 You Need To Know About

Summer trends 2022 - Flat Shoes Trends Summer 2022

In this post, I’ll share the best flat shoe trend predictions for Summer 2022. From effortless chunky soles to statement jewelled pumps – this season’s flat shoe department is booming with stunning choices. Get ready to ditch your uncomfortable high heels and dive into flat Summer shoe trends you don’t want to miss out on this 2022!

I’m still not over the knee-high boots and miniskirt outfit formula I utilise at least 3 days a week. However, with the temperatures going up, I spend most of my summer days in comfort-first flats. With the days getting longer and the flowy summer dresses being dug up from my wardrobe, I strive for a good flat summer shoe that will elevate my summertime looks.

I adore the chunky platforms being transformed from the winter boot into summer sandals. Clogs, the strongest flat shoe trend this summer 2022, prove that fashion circulates and can bring a strong feeling of nostalgia. On the other hand, my minimalistic side is beaming.  The minimal almost-not-there flat strappy sandals are still growing in popularity.

Spring-Summer trends for 2022 proved that whilst every fashion movement is considered trend-worthy, comfort is the key. And we can see that reflecting on Summer flat shoe trends.

Without further ado, let’s jump to the 8 Flat Shoe Trends Summer 2022:

Scroll down to find out all about the best Flat Shoe Trends for Summer 2022 and how to style them.


flat shoe trends summer 2022 ballerinas
black flat ballerina shoe trens for summer 2022
chanel black leather balletina flats

Click and shop my favourite ballet flats

With the latest rise in popularity of the ballerina core aesthetics and effortless French Girl style, to no surprise ballerina flats are starting this list. The iconic ballet flats were first designed by Rose Repetto in 1956 and adapted to every fashion brand ever since. Similarly to a perfectly fitted pair of jeans, ballet pumps became an unshakable fashion staple in every woman’s shoe collection.

If you think that the perfect pair of flats doesn’t exist,
you need to try the classic french Girl Pumps this season.

Their versatility and effortlessness in styling won the hearts and a strong position in Spring/Summer wardrobes’ classics. Not only that but their adaptability is also met with extreme comfort. What else do we expect from a perfect pair of Summer flats?

How to style Ballerina flats in 2022?

You’ll love ballerina flats and how effortless (yet powerful) they can be while styling. They are the easiest to down and up dress flats, making them a perfect shoe staple. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with them. Classic comfort-cut jeans with white oversized or statement shirt in funky colour is a one way to go. 

To elevate the French girl look with ballet flats, even more, go for a total monochrome.

However, they’re also a great choice to balance playful picks and statement knitwear like Chloé Stripped Cashmere Blend Fringed Sweater. We also love seeing these flats styled with maxi dresses and playful vintage granddad cardigans.


real square toed loafers
flat shoe trends summer 2022 - statement blue sole square toed loafer
square toed black v-shaped loafer with jewellered chain
gucci square toed loafers styled with cropped jeans

Shop my favourite square-toed loafer picks

Square-toe boots made their comeback last season and so is a square-toed version of loafers. As scary as they might sound, they’ll make a great addition to your shoe collection. They’re adding the masculine factor to outfits, being super-comfortable at the same time. Not only that, they’re able to elevate many looks – from formal to casual outfits. They quickly became my go-to day-to-day and occasion flats I reach out for constantly. Whether you’re a maximalist, minimalist or ‘floating’ in between, square-toed loafers will spice up your outfits like no other.

Square-toed loafers will doubtlessly add up to your Summer style this season!

A platformed version of these flats is a great Summer substitute for winter chunky boots.

How to style square-toed loafers this summer 2022?

Square-toed loafers will add a non-conventional chic factor to your outfits. They’re formal and masculine, yet making a statement with their squared shape. Thus, going hand-in-hand with the feminine outfits. Whether you’re obsessed with the comeback of minis or still not over the midi era, square loafers will elevate your outfit perfectly. On the other hand, if you’re choosing shoulder-padded or oversized pieces, these loafers will highlight the masculine vibe of your style even more. 


flat shoe trends summer 2022 - leather clogs styled with brown maxi and neon green fabric bag
leather black clogs
cow printed clogs styled with beige-hued outfit

Choose from my favourite clogs this summer

Recognisable for the classic ’70s bohemian style and early 2000s functionality, clogs made a quiet comeback last season. Their reappearance in the Summer shoe trends last season was semi-silent, but let us not be tricked!

Clogs are slowly (but surely) becoming this year’s hottest trend.
I can surely see them transferring into a summer shoe staple!

In the end, the clogs took a huge inspiration from folklore. Though they also bring a lot of nostalgia from the Noughties with a classic sturdiness and orthopaedic-like look.

However this season we’re looking at the comeback of the chic adaptation of the clog. From soft suede options to studded detailing in black leather, to polished wooden soles, they scream elegance and class. Plus, if you’re intending to add a little bit of height to the silhouette, they’re a perfect choice! Clogs don’t compromise comfort enough for the whole day whilst elevating your looks.

How to style clogs this summer 2022?

You’ll love ballerina flats and how effortless (yet powerful) they can be while styling. They are the easiest to down and up dress flats, making them a perfect shoe staple. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with them. Classic comfort-cut jeans with white oversized or statement shirt in funky colour is a one way to go. 

To elevate the French girl look with ballet flats, even more, go for a total monochrome.

This season we look at the polished comeback of the clog, making it a perfect everyday accessory that polishes many outfits. From a classic white tee and jeans look to an oversized blazer, they will add that bohemian chic touch to your fits. They’re a perfect ‘balancer’ for winter pieces from your wardrobe utilised on cold summer days. You can’t go wrong styling them with knitted separates, chunky sweaters and trench coats. Still, clogs also work wonders with breezy dresses, floral dresses and Bermuda shorts.


flat shoes trends 2022 - summer outfit with g string sandals
flat chunky minimalistic leather sandals styled with leather trousers and blazer
bottega veneta flat purple leather minimalistic sandals with woven detailing
minimal black leather sanals styled with black midi and straw bag

Shop my favourite minimalistic leather sandals

Minimal leather sandals are the most versatile and a true must-have among flat summer shoe trends 2022.

Although their name seems to limit them to minimalist lovers only, they’re super-adaptable and can be a handful in every closet. And just like ballerina flats, they are just as easy to dress down and up. With countless styles and colours available both on the high street and high-end brands, you can’t go wrong with them. Whether you’re choosing barely-there or cover-up strappy sandals or maybe deciding on the hued version this season – the modern chicness is guaranteed.


How to style minimal leather sandals in 2022?

Just like most flat shoes this season, they’ll work great with jeans, shorts and mini skirts. Simplicity with added ‘flavour’ will always create a perfect effortless outfit formula. Elevate your looks, pairing them with statement shirts, crochet micro tops or cut-out bodysuits for extra-added chicness.

To dress minimal leather sandals up, go for oversized suits, sleek minis like Nensi Dojaka or midi dresses with statement cut-outs or voluminous sleeves (or both) like from Sidney-based brand Aje


flat shoes summer 2022 - hottest trends fisherman sanals styled with casual shirt and gucci bag
fisherman sandals styled with chic cigarette trousers and black blazer
fisherman black leather sanals styled with white bubble dress

Choose from my favourite fisherman sandals

Next to clogs, cage fisherman sandals are the biggest statement flats of this season. And similarly to their wooden sole rivals, these sandals have been slowly infiltrating the fashion world (and our hearts). With high-end labels like the Row and Gucci pathing their way, to no surprise, they became a selling-out staple.

Moreover, cage fisherman sandals are super-effortless
when it comes to styling and will add to your summer outfits.

They grew into the trendy ‘ugly’ shoe staple brought back from the 90s that certainly won the sympathy of modern fashionistas. Similarly to the dad sneaker or chunky sole boots, they ‘volume-up’ the base of the silhouette, creating a beautifully balanced and elongated proportion. Although these sandals are surely on the casual side. Also, they’re incredibly adaptable and can either be a fun accent or a ‘first role player’ of the outfit. Hence, cage fisherman sandals make a perfect flat shoe trend for summer 2022.

How to style cage fisherman sandals this summer 2022?

Fisherman sandals are the perfect flat shoe option to add a statement to the laid-back, casual look.

Moreover, they work wonders if you want to dress down a puffy dress to make it more day-to-day appropriate. On the flip side, they’ll also be a foolproof choice if you want to smoothly freshen up your suit game. Cage fisherman sandals also go hand in hand with patterns and can accompany even the craziest knitwear outfits.

For casual night dates style them with wide-leg trousers and a micro cardigan for an adorable yet effortless look. This season I’ll be styling my fishermen sandals with a cut-out black midi dress and Dragon Diffusion tote bag on repeat. 


colourful nike sneakers styled with pleated dress
flat shoe trends summer 2022 - blue nike sneakers styled with flower printed oversized suit
colourful adidas skeankers styled with funky checked socks
flat shoe trends summer 2022 - white chunky sneakers styled with zebra printed skirt and Dior white saddle bag

Shop my favourite sneakers for 2022

Although the after-lockdown need to dress up hit most of us, sneakers have always been the flat summer shoe staple. And it’s not going to change this year. No other shoe trend will ever assure as much comfort in wearing as this one. I can rely on a pair of sneakers and always carry them with me either in my bag or in the boot of the car.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic 80’s inspired dad sneaker trend, or you’re into crazy futuristic kicks. On the flip side, you may love the funky, colour statement or you need to upgrade your collection with neutral shades.

There’s no wrong way to wear this summer shoe trend 2022.

How to style sneakers in 2022?

Sneakers ‘sneaked’ their way out of the leisurewear in last years and are much appreciated and styled in many ways. Elegant and classic, toned down options, like Veja sneakers or Converse will go with everything in your wardrobe. They’re perfect for casual/active date days and easy to adapt with dresses.

 Chunky sole dad sneakers, which have been leading the trend since 2015, will level up your short shorts and elegant pieces like no other. This summer 2022 I can’t wait to style my sneakers with an oversized blazer and Bermuda shorts.


flat shoe trends summer 2022 - flat laceup elegant shoes on runway
lace up flat prada shoes with chunky soles
Chunky lace up flat shoes styled with black dress
prada lace up flat shoes with chunky soles

My favourite masculine lace-up flats for 2022

Just like oversized blazers and suits, elegant derby lace-ups are a perfect way to add a masculine touch to your shoe collection. They’re extremely versatile and easy to dress down or up and perfectly reflect a modern (yet classic) and comfortable take on women’s shoewear. Latest trends circulate around chunky soles and to no exception, and so are derby shoes.

Additionally, they’re an unshakable staple that will always stick around. Hence, it’s a good idea to invest in quality, because you surely will be getting them out of your closet for many years (and seasons) to come. This year, I can’t keep my eyes and mind out of Maison Margiela Tabi leather lace-up shoes. Margielas’ signature split-toe design is a great way to make a statement whilst keeping it classy.

How to style masculine lace-up derby flats in 2022?

With the classic shoe comes the classic outfit – but it’s always fun to incorporate it with current trends. The current boom with ‘grandad’ styles like sized-up knitted vests, and suit vests, is a great way to have fun with this classic shoe style. And though the white sock trend couldn’t move me at first, it grew on me. The masculine shoe on the chunkier side of the sole is a perfect way to create an interesting silhouette, especially styled with shorts or miniskirts.

Style them with loose-fit Bermuda shorts and an oversized shirt. Breezy and/or knitted dresses are a great way to ‘break down’ a businesslike feel of elegant lace-ups. A tailored suit is an obvious answer and goes hand in hand with masculine lace-up flats. To spice it up, go for an oversized fit or funky colour or pattern.


Choose from my favourite pointed toe flats

You can’t go wrong by choosing pointed toe flats.
Next to ballet shoes, they’re the most classic and versatile position on this list.

And similarly, they’re easy to style and adapt to any outfit on any occasion. They’re comfortable enough to spend the whole day running errands in them and classic enough to keep you stylish during office hours. I even dare to claim that the alluring jewellered version of pointed flats like Jimmy Choo Genevi point-toe mirrored-leather flat mules could be a great (and much more enjoyable than high heels) wedding guest shoe or special evening option.

How to style pointed toe flats in 2022?

From formal dressing to denim jean looks, pointed toe flats will adapt effortlessly to your outfits.

A minimalistic, tanned or black leather version of these shoes will complement modern, flowy summer looks. But so will the funky, colourful pair of pointed flats. They’ll add a breeze of freshness and playfulness to your wardrobe.

On colder summer days, utilise your trench coat or leather jacket and pair them with loose-fit jeans and statement jewellery. I’m especially obsessed with metallic mirror-like options this season. They’re not only eye-catching and look stunning with one-tone neutral outfits but also beautifully complement that Summer tan.

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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  1. Sooooo many great trends here. I have to be on board with the sneaker trend for the comfort alone! I so want to get a pair of square toed loafers love the pair with the strap as I don’t do well with slip on shoes. So glad I discovered your blog!

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