Coats saved in my bookmarks – Perfect Winter Coat Hunt

perfect winter coat

Coats saved in my bookmarks - Perfect Winter Coat Hunt

I’m on the hunt of perfect winter coat for seasons to come (as always, focusing on timeless choices). Coat itself can be a serious investment, so I need to make sure it will last me literally, my life and preferably few generations, and will forever be easy and effortless to style with. As a bookmark lady, saving every item I love as either a plan to buy in the future or inspiration to look for in the second hand shops, I decided to share my top 4 picks saved in ‘coats‘ folder.

Camel wool coat is a classic piece that every woman need. It’s both time and fool -proof. Perfect for any occasion and extremely easy to style, while still staying a solid canvas for statement look. To stand out, style it with neon bag and over the knee boots.

Double breasted coats are a big thing thanks to Olsen Sisters. Just like with camel coat, you can not go wrong choosing this style. It also will look amazing with combat boots, which are a huge trend this Fall/Winter season. I especially see this one styled with a XL black leather belt.

I’m not a big fan of shearling coats, but this one stole my heart. Thanks to the glossy leather-like detailing it gains interest to the eye and is not another boring teddy coat. Either styled with a simple jean look or flowery maxi, it will ad a spice to absolutely every look possible.

Low Classic has a special place in my heart. Last year I decided to invest in trench coat from them and I couldn’t be more happy with that decision. And when I saw this chocolate faux leather trench I was stunned. It will look especially good with pastel knits and total black looks.


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