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Spring 2021 fashion trends You Need to know

Spring 2021 fashion trends

In this post I’ll cover spring 2021 fashion trends topic. While I’m still living in my trench coat through the rainy (and seem to never ending) March week, I’m dreaming of all the trends to try this Season. Happy thoughts only! 70’s iconic statements are making a big come-back this season, which warms me already, only thinking about them! Be prepared for a sensation of colours, wavy motives (that also grow strong in nail trends) and bell-shaped bottoms!

Hot Pink

After seeing the oversized Valentino shirt in hot pink, I automatically knew it’s going to be an it colour of upcoming seasons. Statement colours are extra easy to style, as they can be a main players in your look – all you need is a strong base to let it pop.

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Flares + Pointed Toe Shoes

This is the hottest combo I dreamt about. Nothing looks sexier than flared bottoms showing only a toe part. Not only bell-bottoms visually elongate your silhouette, but pointy heels add extra centimeters.

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For flared jeans recommendations, visit one of my previous posts, How to style a pair of flared jeans.

Pointy Collars

70’s pointy collars are back! It took me a while to get convinced to this trend, but now it’s all I want in any collared top. Plus, when I saw this statement XXXL version of 70’s collar in JW Anderson Trench Coat, I fell in love instantly. Looks super-cute paired with mentioned flares, but to balance it’s 70’s vibe out all you need is a straight legged jeans or jean skirt and black boot and you’re ready to rock  your day!

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Black Sundress

Although white sundress is a perfect base for any Spring/Summer look, black sundress are taking over and as a lover of total black looks, I could not be happier! I wrote an article Total black in Summer?, where you can get a guide on what fabrics and fits to choose, when choosing black outfits in hot days.

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Bralette is one of the hottest trends this Spring-Summer season for a reason – we all miss crazy nights at the beach and bar. My favourite way to style it is pairing it with the trend already mentioned – flared and pointed toe shoes and throwing on beloved boxy blazer.

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Open Backs

Open back tops and dresses are already everywhere – it just speaks volume for me on how big this fit will be this season. It will transfer from formal ‘backless’ dresses to daywear and beachwear and I could not be more excited. Whenever you want to show a subtle part of your skin or go full in – there’s an option for everyone!

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Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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