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9 Best coat trends 2022 – Style Guide

9 Best coat trends 2022 – wrap this season with the most fashionable (and timeless) outerwear choices.

Coat season is truly upon us, whether we like it (read: cold and chill) or not. We previously covered the boots trends for 2022 and the hottest XXL bag that already overtakes other bag trends, including micro bag mania. This time our main focus will be coat trends for 2022 worth splurging on.

In this post, I’m going to cover the 9 best coat trends for 2022. The coldest season is doubtlessly upon us. Dive in and check the chicest outwear choices for 2022 – and many years to come!

It's never too late (or too early) to level up your coat game and prepare for upcoming seasons.

 Yes, seasons, as here we believe in fashionable choices that actually will last.

Just like with accessories, I find that the right coat can altogether change the outfit and add character to every look. We’ve recently seen many interesting and jaw-dropping stylings and trends with coats as the main player. Fashionistas all around the world proved that leisurewear can go hand in hand with classic, boxy coats. On the flip side, sporty and masculine coats (like puffer coats and biker jackets) can be glammed-up with a pair of sleek leather heeled boots and feminine skirts.

Last seasons and trends also showed us the importance of digging deeper into the history of fashion and trends. With peak of vintage shopping and rummaging through our grandmas and mothers’ wardrobe, it proves that fashion, just like everything else in our lives, does cycle. So it is the right time to focus on the trendiest, investment-worthy and timeless outerwear choices for 2022.

Coat trends this Winter 2022 prove that timeless can meet funky.

By choosing the ideal coat, you can meet all three criteria: trendy, timeless and investment-worthy. With my outerwear collection skimmed to an all-mighty trench coat (that I can never shut up about) and puffer jacket that is foolproof from early Autumn to Spring, I decided to slowly expand my Winter jacket collection.

With all my research put into the topic, I rounded up a list of the 9 best coat trends 2022. From fun and less obvious choices (ideal for risk-takers) to heavy-duty coats that will keep you warm in freezing conditions, to 90’s inspired classics. All with the assurance that they will serve for many seasons to come.

Without further ado, let’s discover
the 9 best coat trends 2022:

Let’s discover
the 9 best coat trends 2022:


Click and shop my favourite off-white coats

Off-white coats are an excellent alternative to classic black. With not being so obvious in regards to colour, they will definitely ‘stand out’ and bring attention to every outfit. From minimalistic style lover to maximalism fashion enthusiast and everything in between, an off-white wool coat is a perfect addition to the winter outerwear collection. Thanks to its’ easy to implement colour, it elevates almost any outfit.

Whether you like to keep your wardrobe minimalistic and easy to put together or like to play with colours and up your dopamine-dress game, an off-white wool coat becomes a perfect canvas to implement both. 

How to style off-white coats this Winter 2022?

My go-to tip regarding white and cream coats (and any outerwear, actually) is to size up. It will not only allow you to buckle up in extreme colds and layer up without movement restrictions but also add a masculine accent to your looks. White and off-white coats will be a perfect solution if you are looking for implementing the latest trend – monochrome and black and white looks. And whether you’re all about casual, sporty, glamorous or in-between looks – off-white coats will be fun to adapt perfectly to anything.

02. Shearling JACKETS

Shop my favourite shearling jacket picks

We’ve seen shearling jackets overtake the Winter seasons like crazy! The Instagram influencers and fashionistas went crazy earlier this year over a Toteme Lobster Clasp Shearling Jacket (link) for a good reason. Its’ nostalgic hook-and-eye claps remind us of winter coats from our childchood, but also its’ slightly oversized, soft silhouette helps in surviving blistering city frosts.

Shearling jackets are definitely an investment, but so much worth it! Their distinctive, vintage military-like feel makes a big statement when it comes to outwear trends for this winter 2022. They are a go-to if you want to keep it warm and stylish at the same time. Also, a shearling jacket is a good substitute for teddy bear jackets. I may be controversial here, but I believe teddy bear jackets are a seasonal hype and not worth the investment. Unlike a bear-like coat, you can’t get enough of a good shearling jacket looks. They are way chicer and functional on a day-to-day basis.

How to style a shearling jacket in Winter 2022?

Embrace the military look balancing it with extra-feminine touches – slip dresses and knee or over the knee boots will elevate shearling jackets effortlessly. On the other hand, if you want to go all-in with the masculine feel of a shearling jacket, go extra-large to achieve the ex-boyfriends’ jacket fit.

02. Furry Finish jackets

Choose from my favourite furry finish jacket picks

When I think of retro-feel 70’s inspired winter coats, I think of furry finish long and short belted coats with voluminous, fuzzy collars and cuffs. Look up Charlotte Simone and her vintage trophy-wife inspired coats for reference. Unlike shearling jackets, furry finished coats scream FEMININE and we love them about that. They are another perfect addition to your winter coat collection no matter your style preferences. For the minimalist lover, it’s a perfect main player (read: big statement) but on the other hand, it can be a perfect addition to the maximalists’ wardrobe.

How to style a furry jacket?

It may be overwhelming for some, but there isn’t really a way you can go wrong with furry jackets. They help massively in achieving that balanced, hourglass shape and thanks to its’ eye-catching retro style it’s easy to dress down and up. I love seeing 70’s inspired furry finish coats styled with other vintage statements like small colourful shoulder bags and flared jeans and colourful scarfs. Also, love them styled with the glam total black look. Jeans and sneaker combination lover? A furry jacket will add an extra feminine touch to your casual looks. Well, I would avoid a leisurewear, while choosing furry finish coats, but they work well with both flats and heels and platforms.

4. Black full-length coats

Click and shop my favourite black coat picks

We’re talking about ground sweeping (preferably), full-on black coats here. When I think of a black calf and ankle-length coat, I imagine glamorous 90’s minimalists marching (or rather hurrying) on the streets of NY. We now know that maybe not all the trends born in the ’90s were well… flattering. Nonetheless, we can’t take away the ’90s popculture boom and trends that impact us and fashion to this day, including swooshing black coat.

A classic black ankle-length coat is definitely a timeless and very versatile addition to your wardrobe. It’s very masculine, yet adds sexiness and a little bit of mystery to any look. Also, it really makes you look taller and slimmer, which is also a big plus. Just like the off-white wool coat mentioned before, it’s another coat that can be easily adapted to every style. A Black, extra-long wool coat with shoulder pads is my most relatable day-to-day choice. Whether I know exactly what I’ll wear that day or on the other hand, I struggle with coming up with an outfit, a black long coat always adds class and structure to my looks. And while looking for a perfect coat investment, it’s a crucial factor.

How to style a black long coat jacket in 2022?

A well-tailored black ankle-length coat will level up any outfit and is 100% my favourire of all coat trends 2022. Whenever you want to achieve that effortlessly chic look, a black coat (preferably with padded shoulders) will help you with that. For grungy looks, go with a heavy boot like chunky sole or combat boot and (obviously) total-black everything. They are foolproof on any Winter occasion – dressing up for a cocktail party? Mini dress with cute high-heeled boots or high heeled sandals and tights will balance out the masculine feel of the black coat. Are you a sneaker lover that is active throughout the day and loves comfort in your jeans and kicks? A Black full-length coat will add that wow factor to your everyday comfy fits.

5. Trench coats

Shop my favourite trench coat picks

I honestly think that I will bore you with what I have to say about trench coats – I should maybe restrict myself from ever mentioning them for a while, but next to the black coat it’s the best coat investment you could ever make. Next to the classic black coat, a pair of well-fitted jeans and all-mighty LBD (little black dress), the trench coat became an ultimate wardrobe statement that I can’t get over with.

A little about the history of the trench coat:

Unlike the common knowledge and its’ name suggests, trench coats were not originated during the First World War. It evolved from the raincoat in England (are we surprised?) in the early 1820s from rubberised cotton. The trench coat was treated as the wardrobe piece that showcased the status of ranked officers. It did not become a part of the army uniforms during World War I, as some sources claim – in fact it was privately purchased by officers. Since then it transferred into an unshakable wardrobe classic and the last word in both waterproof and Winter attire.

How to style a trench coat in Winter 2022?

As a lover of everything slightly oversized, upsized and loose-fit… I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t suggest choosing a baggy version of a trench coat. It does add extra space for layering but also a beautiful movement around your body (definitely empowering).

Just like in the case of the black coat, a trench coat elevates and adds elegance to every outfit. Yes, even the leisurewear. Whenever I wear a military-like raincoat, I like to experiment a little with textures of other fabrics and also colours. Adding a colourful wool scarf or a bright jumper that picks through will make your day better, I promise.

6. Colourful coats

Click and shop my favourite colourful coat picks

From my previous posts (trends guide here or bags guide here) you must know that dopamine-dressing is a big thing that will most likely last for years to come. Although a coat in a saturated hue may not be your first choice while building a strong basic wardrobe, a colourful coat will doubtlessly brighten up gloomy winter days. Few last seasons proved that colourful wardrobe trends are here to stay, but if you’re not 100% assured, remember that having a brightly coloured winter coat will always be a cute addition to your outerwear.

How to style colourful outerwear?

While choosing a big statement, which hued outwear doubtlessly is, always go with the colour you truly enjoy surrounding yourself with. Specific colour trend (neon green in 2020 or bright orange in 2021 for reference) may come and go, but if you choose the right shade for yourself, you will enjoy it forever. I love seeing total cream or total white looks accented with a hue. Also, colour-blocking and monochrome while styling a colourful coat is your best friend.

7. Sleek patent coats

Choose from my favourite shiny coat picks

Lacquered leather coats and high-shine PVCs are perhaps the biggest statement coat you want to invest in this Winter 2022. They were spotted in every fashion city this season. And if you’re observing Scandinavian fashion trendsetters (if not – you should), you will know that high-shine coats are getting big and are nowhere to stop. Black and red options seem to dominate for now, but I see this trend expanding in the near future, although it’s not been a debut for shiny coats. They constantly reappear, especially during fashion weeks. And just like with our previous option, colourful coats, even if you worry that this trend won’t last forever, it will become a perfect statement winter coat for years to come.

How to style shiny coats in 2022?

Shiny coats are doubtlessly the main players by themselves. You can utilize a colourful bag trend with them as contrast will bring the best out of them. Whether you’re choosing a high-shine lacquered leather or PVC option, they work perfectly with casual jeans and white tee looks. But also they go hand in hand with other statement pieces. So have fun and the sky is the limit! I would stick to classic coats and raincoats and I would avoid the shiny puffer coats. Shiny puffers may be quite overwhelming and harder to style.

8. Leather coats and leather trench coats

Click and shop my favourite leather coat picks

Long leather coats inspired by the Matrix series has been a piece on my wish list for a long time – and I finally got my hands on a perfect full-length vintage one! Next to a shearling jacket, it’s one of the most expensive coat options on this list, so looking for second-hand was a perfect solution for me. Although you can find many high-end and high street options, digging into vintage pieces can lead you to find a beautiful, unique leather coat.

Just like classic black coats, they add a chic factor to every outfit, but unlike any other winter outwear, they also bring grunginess and that head-turning card to the table.

How to style leather coats in 2022?

If you want to achieve that effortless off-duty model look, all you need is your favourite pair of jeans, sunglasses and a leather coat. I love throwing on my leather coat on a total black look to add extra drama and pair it with colourful knits. Experiment with leisurewear, super feminine and 2000s inspired cut out tops, bucket hats and flare jeans. Also, a leather coat is a key ingredient for a perfect leather top to bottom look.

9. Puffer coats

Shop my favourite puffer coat picks

Last, but surely not least, the puffer coat. I got my all-mighty puffer coat a few years ago and I never looked back. Whether it’s a casual Sunday walk, a grocery or an errands run, it’s undeniably my casual go-to. Puffer outerwear is not only extremely adaptable in everyday offhand (and extreme cold) situations. With the blurred and bent lines between sporty and glamorous (thank street style), puffer coats have much more to offer than only errand outerwear.

How to style puffers this Winter 2022?

Although ankle-reaching puffer coats are my favourites to rock, I also love to spice it up with a short voluminous version from time to time. It works great with leisurewear and sportswear but surely has a big potential while styling. Also, they come in all possible hues, so if you want to tick off two trends in one, choosing a colourful puffer may be a way to go!

Breaking the puffers’ typical sporty qualities and styling it with extra-feminine accents like heeled boots or shiny high-heels or glove-like colourful is a way to go if you want to achieve that off-duty street style look.

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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