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Total black during Summer?

‘All black – everything’, or all black look is a great, classic and one of my favorite outfit during colder months, but not many people ‘dare’ to wear this color during Summer heat, which would make it so much interesting in the crowds of total white and nude looks.

The key is simple – choose fabrics that are lightweight like linen or cotton. Leather and denim lover? Go extra-mini and dearing! Deep décolletages, short shorts and spaghetti strap mini dresses or crop tops – there’s no better time for them than Summer and they will look fabulous with cute barely there sandal or strappy heals. Whenever you’re choosing a maxi version or long trousers, make sure they’re flowy and loose-fitted. If it’s a little bit to revealing for you, throw on a (black) oversized blazer (or wear it as a dress!). My tip is to look for them in second hand shops, mens section for super-oversized effect – you can find an amazing quality piece, that’s still cheaper than high street options, and you will never pass another person wearing the same one on the street! Only bonuses!

Anyways, Summer can surprise with its rainy and cold weather as well. Hopefully not so much this year.

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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