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Summer-perfect outfit

I’m probably not going to be very original now, buy I need to be clear – it hit me freaking hard that June is starting in 3 days. I’ve started brainstorming about all the outfits I will wear during this uncertain Summer season to boost my mood and, obviously, I did not came up with anything totally fresh and innovative. I just came back to what’s comfortable and sexy (yes, you can find a solution for both).

Jeans and shirt.

What screams Summer loudest than a shirt styled with classic straight legged jeans and tan? But don’t get me wrong – it’s not just about any basic shirt (although these are actually cool as well). Statement pieces, like shirts with unique details, are perfect in the role of elevating classic shapes. We’re talking about extra-obersized, plentiful shirts with build-in corsets, voluminous sleeves and eye-catching oddities.

How to style a statement shirt and jeans duo?

You can make a shirt your main focus and pair the look with minimal mules or kitten heels and classic shoulder bag, you can complement it by adding more oddities into the look – statement colorful heels and chunky jewellry. During colder days you can lean on the ankle boot and darker lipstick. You can also play with the bottom part of the outfit – in the heat of the day you can swap your jeans to bermuda shorts or midi dress.

My favorite picks:

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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