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Oversized blazer obsession – 5 must-haves

Oversized blazer - 5 must haves for Spring 2021

The oversized blazer is a life-long relationship worth investing in. It’s always included in my wardrobe shopping plans, including February Shopping Choices post. There are not many items in your wardrobe that have the potential of elevating absolutely ANY outfit you create. Boyfriend fit jacket is that piece of gold, that can be styled with absolutely anything! An oversized blazer can level up even a sweatpant look.

Styling loose fit blazer is effortless – I always reach for this piece, whenever I’m uninspired (actually when extra inspired as well). Goes well with absolutely anything – mini, midi and maxi dresses, leggings and skinny jeans to keep the proportion balance. Wide leg jeans and dad trousers to emphasize the XL fit. My favourite way to wear a loose fit blazer is to style it with bra-top and wide-legged trousers or throw it on a sleek black cocktail dress and strappy sandals. You can never go wrong with it! It’s a great elevator that’s a must-have in every closet, no matter the personal style.

It’s such a versatile piece that it’s unquestionably worth investing in one that’ll serve you for years. I don’t see loose fit blazers leaving the tops of trend charts soon. A well-tailored blazer is 100% a worthy investment that will transform many (if not all) your looks.

When it comes to boyfriend fit blazers on a budget, I really appreciate a good find in a men’s section – whenever it’s second hand or high street. The key is to find a perfect fit for you, that you’ll be coming back to not in years to come.

In a search of the perfect oversized blazer this Spring/Summer Season, I picked my 5 top worth checking out:

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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