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Top 5 Fashion trends of 2021

Fashion Trends of 2021 - what to look for this year?

Fashion trends forecasting for 2021 are definitely colourful and interesting. Although 2020 was quite an interesting journey, there are things, more precisely: TRENDS, that make me excited for 2021.


Sustainability is a great passion of mine, and it actually made me more interested in high fashion, life-long wardrobe investments and consumptionism.  In 2020 I got really into vintage and second-hand shopping and seeing it expand to a movement makes me very excited for 2021.

One of my new favourite apps (that I spend waaaay too much… time searching on) with vintage/second-hand or even brand new designer pieces is Vestiaire Collective.

Vintage bags

A statement bags are forever close to my heart, but classic leather bag is a piece, that will absolutely never go out of style. Many of 90’s it bags are making a comeback these years, so it’s a living proof, that fashion can be utilized and loved once again. My top favourite picks are: Gucci 1955 Horsebit leather shoulder bag and vintage Céline Mini Tote.

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Straight-legged jeans

Skinny jeans are officially a struggle for me after months spent on stressing, watching series and… well, eating. Also, they seem to stop appealing me a long time ago. So, yeah. Couldn’t be more excited about up-sized movement expanding. I created a post a long time ago, on why looser-fit jeans moment is happening (here), and since then, I only trust a wide leg fit.

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Bold choices

Boring is too boring and after almost a year spent mostly in , I believe 2021 is a year of bold choices – from the pair of shoes you’re not sure about, to adding colour to your wardrobe, to experimenting with shapes and fits. My fashion resolution for 2021 is implementing more colour into my wardrobe. What is yours?

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Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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