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Spring Trends 2021 – February Shopping Choices

Spring trends 2021 - Fashion & Beauty

In this post I’ll cover my favourite Spring trends 2021 and what landed on my shopping list.

I was never so excited for a Spring season, probably ever in my entire life. Usually, I was thrilled when the Aries season came, but this year it’s extra special to me. My goal this time is to implement colours into my wardrobe, which I rarely did before. My main ‘morales’ when it comes to purchases, is always to find long-lasting solutions and colours, especially in my wardrobe, never went along with timeless investments. Well, I was wrong and in 2021 I’m fixing it!

I plan to gradually implement colours into my very black, neutrals and white wardrobe. One thing at a time. Small accent like bold shoes, bag, or even a graphic eyeliner or hot red lipstick is quite daring for me at the moment, but it’s a small step ahead. Plus, it’s extra effortless to focus on one colourful accent at the beginning and it allows you to still utilize and elevate your classic, toned-down pieces, so you don’t have to change your style 180 degrees…and it’s all about sustainability!

Here are my top 10 products landing in my shopping basket this month:

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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