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12 knits to buy this Winter 2020

12 Knits to Buy This Winter 2020

What knits to buy this Winter 2020?

I will repeat myself and the whole Internet for the 100th time – I can’t believe that we’re almost in October. Where did this year go? The Summer seems to be so far gone, although 2 weeks ago we had a heatwave in the UK, and the best way to keep that warmth in both body and heart during colder seasons are, obviously, KNITS!

There’s so many knit trends this Season, it’s hard to choose one! From classic colour cardigans to bold shades and shapes, there’s something for everyone!

I don’t think we’ll find a substitute to a classic knit other than moving to an tropical island during Winter seasons. Honestly, even there a cute classic cardigan would be very much useful. Knits are as classic as trench coats and make a long time investment in your wardrobe. Whatever my budget is, I always pay attention to the quality of the knitted pieces as I want them to last me for life.

I navigate towards puffed sleeves cardigans and hourglass shaping knits like Alexander McQueen’s Asymmetric cardigan. My attention is also on the knitted vests that become more and more popular this season.

I came up with the list of the 12 most amazing knits to buy this Winter 2020.

Either you’re looking for a classic fit or statement piece, you’ll find something there. Also, there’s some inspiration for some cozy Christmas gifts!

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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