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Never out of Style – Trench Coat

Trench Coat - all year around staple

Trench coat, next to a mighty oversized blazer, is the most reached for a piece in my wardrobe. The reason is very simple – it elevates and adds a chic factor to absolutely any look. Yes, even a tracksuit and sneaker outfit!

Trench coat is a all-year-around staple, that never goes out of style.

I need to admit, I would not even imagine thinking about the coat in general in the middle of April. This year seems to keep its warmth and bloom for later (truly, can’t wait!). The military raincoat is definitely the staple that I come back to all year round and with a special love during in-between-season when the weather can really surprise. And with every outerwear trend coming out yearly, from cropped puffer jackets to leather coats, to long parkas, trench coat seems to always be the one beloved by editors and fashion bloggers.

trench coat with statement collar

As leisure and sportswear made a big hit during a lockdown and seem to still play a big part in our day-to-day looks, it comes hand-in-hand. It’s a perfect elevator for sporty looks.

Trench raincoat, thanks to its’ military vibe, is also a perfect ‘ice-breaker’ for flowy, colourful midis that are already taking over Instagram trends. Color-rich dress and classic raincoat styled with chunky boots or sandals and a leather tote is a perfect go-back to look for cold days.

As straight-leg and flared jeans are my obsession these days, I would not be myself if I didn’t mention a classic white tee and jean situation with a boot and military vibe coat. Whenever you want to dress to impress, it would be my perfect casual-chic way to do it.

trench coat look styled with it-bag
trench coat look styled with jacquemus bag

Below, I round up some of our favourite picks that set the tone for a classic, fashionable wardrobe.

This season's best choices:

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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