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Autumn Must-Haves – 5 items you’ll love in years to come

What to buy this Autumn to be ready for colder seasons? It is never too soon or late to start planning… Well, Fashion Weeks are always a season ahead and so are we. In this post, I will answer the always re-occurring question during transition season – what Autumn must-haves to invest in? Not only that, I’ll explore options that not only will make you fashionable but also make the purchases full of potential for years to come.

As you may already know, I am all about fashion staples. As much as I love diving into the topics of trends, there’s nothing that excites me more than fashion sustainability and long-term investments. Purchasing Autumn fashion staples like a trench coat or never out of style knee-high boots will create a beautiful base to style upcoming trends. Not only that but also will serve you for years to come and save some money.

When it comes to Autumn must-haves and actually any trend that I’m obsessing over, I always try to create at least 3 to 5 looks using what’s already in my wardrobe. Not only does it help me in the future with easy styling, but it assures me that when ready to buy, I’ll make the most of the item. By investing in long-lasting and classic fits in my wardrobe, it made my fashion life much easier. Not only it’s super stress-free and fun to adapt new additions in my styling, but also I can easily go for a head-to-toe fashion staples look and be sure I’m always looking good!

Although the British can surprise with heatwaves in the middle of September, my thoughts are still wandering around the Autumn fashion. I got inspired by chilly afternoon teas and obsession over Chloé Betty Rain Boots (mentioned in my Trend Alert – Chunky Boots post) and imagined it with my trench from Low Classic from last year, was surely my top staple purchase of the year.

Trends love to come and go, but investment in classic never-out of style pieces is not only great for the environment but also for your wallet!

I created a list of 5 what to buy this Autumn must-haves with a strong focus on staples.

My main spotlight is on classic choices, some with intriguing but subtle detailing. I hope that this list will help you while making shopping decisions this year and any year, even when you come across this post in the future.

1. Trench coat

As I already mentioned above, a trench coat from Seoul-based brand Low Classic was my top purchase of 2020. I honestly can’t imagine styling any Autumn look without it. When it comes to staples like a military-inspired raincoat, I love to have fun with it and choose the one with a statement touch. Double collar or puffed sleeves are such a profound detail that totally changes the game. I’m especially navigating towards the patterned fabric in the trench coat.

How to style a trench coat?

The trench coat is my secret weapon when it comes to implementing Summer clothing into the colder seasons. Summer maxi and midi skirts and dresses go so well with a military raincoat and chunky boots. A pair of flared jeans and rollneck or monochrome look with a trench coat thrown on the top is also a way to go. Into the neon trend happening right now? Chunky knitwear in saturated hues will work perfectly with a toned-down overcoat like a trench coat.

2. Leather trousers

Leather trousers not only make a strong position in the Autumn must-haves fashion list but also in all-year-round necessity. Whenever the colder or gloomier day comes during the Spring-Summer season, I always reach for a pair of straight-legged leather trousers. Usually, I style them with mules and a tank top or an oversized t-shirt. Therefore leather trousers make a great investment that can be appreciated and used in every season. There’s no bad way to style them and undoubtedly, they go with any type of shoe.

How to style leather trousers?

During the Autumn-Winter season, I love styling leather trousers with chunky knits and leather boots. Utilizing my Summer version of leather trousers with a cardigan or oversized blazer and replacing mules with Winter shoes is a great idea as well! They’re a perfect choice for casual Fridays in the office styled with a white shirt. Lately, I’m very intrigued with total-leather looks and can’t wait to try it by myself.

3. Chunky sole boots

It’s not a surprise that with my obsession over Betty Rain Boots by Chloé, chunky soles land on this list. I have a feeling that chunky sole boots gained a strong position in Autumn shoe trends and are here to stay for seasons to come. They are a perfect example of fashion meets functionality with the comfort they bring to the table. Not only that, chunky boots are fun to style and add some funk and centimetres to your silhouette. 

How to style chunky sole boots?

Chunky sole boots are a way to go if you want to add an extra masculine touch to your look. They go hand to hand with oversized fits, but just like a trench coat, they are a way to sneak some Summer wardrobe in, this time short versions of dresses and skirts. They elevate minis and even loose-fit shorts styled with thighs and long coats. I also love seeing them styled with top-to-bottom denim looks and knitted dresses and need to try it myself!

4. Colourful accents

Autumn wardrobe may seem too dark and depressing sometimes and colour therapy is becoming very important in the fashion industry. As a person navigating towards dark colours, usually black all year round, I try to add some brightness and cheerfulness to my colour palette from time to time. A great way to do so is by adding small but significant accents, like scarf or saturated jumper.

How to style colourful accents?

Whether you’re a queen or king of minimalism or maximalism, there’s surely no wrong or right in adding colour into your wardrobe. Scandinavian bloggers proved to us this season, that there are no limits when it comes to hues. Have fun and add as much or as little to your Autumn looks. I have my eyes on Loewe mohair and wool-blend scarf and can’t wait to style it with my total-black and trench coat looks.

5. Knitted sets and dresses

Last, but not least, a true Autumn must-haves: knitted sets and dresses. Whenever it comes to transitioning from Summer to Autumn, nothing works smoother than cardigans and loose-fit jeans. But knitted sets and dresses add that put-together, chic and effortless effect like no other clothing. Plus, they’re soft and extremely comfortable, which makes knitted sets and dresses an excellent choice for almost any occasion.

How to style knitted sets and dresses?

Mules and chunky slip-ones during warm days and over-the-knee boots for full-on Autumn are a way to go. Knitted sets and dresses are perfect for layering, so matching or contrasting cardigans and long coats are perfect to cosy up shorter and colder days.

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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