Tank tops are definitely the most worn pieces of 2020 by literally everyone. Thanks to their versatility in both everyday and professional wardrobe, they are easy to style and can be appropriate in many occasions, including extremely important and professional business meetings!

How to style a tank top outfits?

Tank tops are one of the easiest trends to style. For a major casual chic all you need is a pair of loose fit jeans, strappy heals and layered jewellery.

casual tank top outfit idea


One of my favorite tips when it comes to styling, which I mentioned in my previous post on 3 Easy Ways To Make Your Outfit Look Expensive, is sticking to one colour. Either it’s all black, white or cream look, it’s always foolproof and reliable. You can apply this ‘one colour rule’ to almost any trend.



Tank tops are actually great piece in the professional side of our wardrobes. I would definitely go towards smooth fabrics rather than ribbed version of tank top when it comes to business meetings or smart dress code. It’s just a savior when it comes to heatwave in the office, but it looks just as good with a suit or styled with oversized blazer and skinny cigarette trousers.


Tank tops I love:


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