5 Fall/Winter 2021 Bags Worth Checking Now

Fall/Winter 2020 Bags Worth Checking Now

5 Fall/Winter 2021 Bags Worth Checking Now

Although I wish Summer could last forever, I can’t deny that I’m extremely excited for Fall/Winter 2021 and the reason is obvious – accessories, especially BAGS!

I’m slowly but fiercely growing my little collection and I especially value timeless investments that I will be proudly reaching out to in the further future and pass on the next generation. But don’t get me wrong – I also love purchases of pieces that lay on the ‘crazy’ side of river.

Here are 5 Fall/Winter 2021 bags, that I’m already obsessing over:

My Moon Bag from Straud in original size (link) was my most worn bag of 2019-2020 and I’m obsessed with the Large version. They are available in many colors and soft or croc embossed version, but classic black is my favorite pick. It’s a perfect transition piece, as it will elevate still Summer flowy dresses and compliment cold-approved looks.

This classic beauty from Jacquemus was my instant love and I got it in white. I think it’s another pick, that will work wonderfully all year around. I especially love the size, which is the biggest option to choose from Chiquito bags – but don’t get me wrong. I think we passed an era of cute (nut useless) micro bags, and I’m honestly not mad.

Another classic black, this time in size medium. This bag screams 90’s and all about it! It’s extra easy to style and will elevate both casual-day and heavy-duty office looks. Plus, can we talk about this smoothness?

A cheaper version of Bottega Veneta The Pouch Bag and I’m not mad about it. It’s available in pastel shades as well as classic beige, white and black. It’s a perfect choice, if you’re looking for a statement every day bag. Plus, it will work beautifully with both Summer and Winter looks.

Last, but oh, so not least bag that I’m obsessing over is this beautiful buckle detailed Proenza Schouler shoulder bag. It was a love at first sight. Burnt caramel and lacquered deep brown straps will compliment every denim containing look possible, which makes it probably the best possible option for my beloved total-jean looks!


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