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Trend Alert – Chunky Boots

Chunky sole boots is the hottest shoe trend prediction for Autumn/Winter 2022 season. They became a massive obsession of fashion editors, bloggers and Street Style lovers not without a reason!

The chunky sole boot is the hottest shoe trend prediction for the Autumn/Winter 2022 season and it grows in popularity since 2021. They became a massive obsession of fashion editors, bloggers and Street Style lovers for many reasons!

Ruling the runways and high streets, from leather master Bottega Veneta to Stella McCartney and her beautiful vision of cruelty-free fashion. The lug sole boots secured their unshakable place in trends and surely our hearts quickly. Without a doubt, they became a fresh Winter boot staple, next to the pointy ankle boots and black knee-high boots.

You can choose from a variety of styles – ankle rubber platforms knee-hight to over-the-knee boots. There’s no way you can go wrong with chunky soles. They are a perfect way to add some grunge, so popular in the 90’s,  to almost any outfit possible. Not compromising comfort while doing that!


How to style lug soles?

They are my favourite addition to every cold seasons’ boot collection, especially when it comes to transitioning my wardrobe from Summer to Autumn. Styling them with loose-fit shorts and tights or mini dresses allows me to utilize my Summer wardrobe and put it to use throughout the whole year.


They go hand in hand with chunky knits and loose fit jeans, if you’re looking to style chunky boots into your everyday wardrobe. 


On the contrary, they go hand in hand with masculine, oversized blazers, which paired with a sparkly bag and statement jewellery, is a recipe for a date or party outfit.


In the mids of lockdowns in 2021, we also saw a new way to style them – with leisurewear, especially tracksuit bottoms tucked in the chunky boots, elevated by ground swooping coats. And although with early hesitation from the fashion audience, it became a more and more popular way of implementing statement soles into everyday looks. Just when we thought we saw it all!


The versatility of statement sturdy soles is everything we could ask for when it comes to the upcoming shoe trend, making them a great investment.

If the transition of luge soles from 2021 to 2022 doesn’t say it all, I’ll say it. I see them becoming an absolute shoe staple for Autumn-Winter seasons in years to come and a comfort re-invention in the fashion industry. Not only that, they elevate either masculine looks, adding more power to the overall outfit, but beautifully accent feminine pieces like maxi flowy dresses. We also saw a pick of chunky soles being styled with absolute unpredictable – loungewear and leisurewear.

I’ll be honest – while deciding to purchase my beloved Chloé Betty Block Heel Rubber Boots, I could not be sure if I would wear them that often, but I trusted my fashion instinct and never looked back. Whenever in doubt, I reach for them. Although they are a hybrid of the chunky sole boot trend and rubber rain boots, in British weather they always come in handy.

To sum it up, they elevate any look perfectly – from romantic flowery maxi dresses to biker shorts and classic denim jeans. My absolute favourite way of styling chunky boots is pairing them with a voluminous girly mini dress, or an XXL version of blazer worn as a dress. Not only that, they are super comfortable and wearable in any weather condition. What not to love about them?

I picked my top 5 favourite chunky boots options worth checking out:

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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