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Ultimate Summer wardrobe staples SOS

Ultimate Summer wardrobe staples SOS

Every wardrobe needs ultimate Summer wardrobe staples. It’s always included in my shopping plans, including Febrisary Shopping Chocies They’re versatile and allow you to create a strong base for upcoming trends. They also are great to build subtle minimalistic looks using only Summer basics.

Do you know the feeling of standing in front of an overflowing closet, having nothing to wear? Does even the littlest occasion become the struggle outfit-wise? I’ve been there. The reason for that is simple: the lack of a strong base of staples in your wardrobe.

I got inspired to write about wardrobe staples while I was Spring cleaning my wardrobe. My closet was still growing and I still had nothing to wear. I de-clustered my wardrobe and came to a realisation: it’s simply overrun by trends and lacking essential Summer wardrobe staples that would help me style them.

Wardrobe staples are a strong foundation of every wardrobe that helps to elevate your style.

What is the meaning of ultimate Summer wardrobe staples? Staples are timeless and practical pieces that are easy to style by themselves or other items. A great example of an all-around or Summer staple is a white t-shirt. It works great with jeans but is also a perfect canvas for a  funky checked blazer or chunky cardigan.

I created a list of 17 Ultimate Summer Wardrobe Staples that will transform your wardrobe into a practical and pleasant corner to plan your outfits.

1. Ribbed tank tops

Ribbed tank tops are the most used and practical pieces I own and became the hottest trend in the last seasons. Thanks to their versatility, tank tops found a place both in our everyday and professional wardrobe. Not only are they perfect with a pair of tailored trousers or jeans, but they also work well while layering during colder seasons.

2. White cotton shirt

Nothing feels better than a crisp white cotton shirt styled with straight leg jeans. Just like tank tops, they are easy to up and down dress. They make an amazing canvas for bold accessories and certain fits can make a big statement. That makes white cotton shirts functional all year round.

3. Go-to denim

Denim jeans found its’ way into our everyday life from workwear through rock & roll and hip-hop culture. From skinny jean revolution now turning into more relaxed and oversized fits, denim jeans are definitely an ultimate Summer staple.

4. Oversized jacket

I will never stop raving about oversized blazers – they upgrade every possible outfit. Breezy night date or maybe afternoon drinks with your girlfriends? An all-mighty oversized blazer is my go-to option every single time. Its’ masculine factor will take even the ‘simplest’ looks to another level.

5. Black midi dress

A black midi dress (preferably with pockets) became the biggest and quite unexpected trend of Summer Dresses for 2021. Thanks to its’ clarity and versatility, I see it ruling upcoming seasons. Just like every staple mentioned on this list, it’s easy to up and down style with only a pair of shoes. High or kitten heels will turn the black midi dress into a romantic outfit, but with a pair of sneakers, you can run errands.

6. Strappy heels

Perfect for pairing with dresses, suits and casual looks to add some day-to-day chic factor, strappy heels are the key to the day-to-night transformation. Strappy heels are a strong trend for years now, so it’s worth investing in good quality staples that will serve you for years to come.

7. White t-shirt

Name a more iconic outfit than a white tee and blue jeans. A good quality white t-shirt is truly mandatory in every wardrobe. With its’ ability to transform depending on jewellery and accessories, a white t-shirt becomes probably the greatest ultimate Summer wardrobe staple.

8. Denim midi skirt

Denim midi skirts are a perfect versatile wardrobe staple all year around. This Summer, I love styling it with other Summer wardrobe staples like a white t-shirt or button-down cotton shirt with chunky jewellery and strappy heels.

9. Knitted top

Ribbed knit tops are a fresh update on knitwear this season. Lightweight, chic-factor ribbed knit tops and cardigans became my favourite Summer staple that I’m constantly reaching for during colder days. They are an ideal staple I love to style to achieve a chic casual look either with denim or smart wear.

10. Rectangular sunglasses

I mentioned already my latest obsession with sunglasses that started this year. Just like jewellery, sunglasses can change the ‘narrative’ of the outfit. We’re still into the mini sunglasses vibes, but even this strong trend didn’t stop rectangular large sunglasses go to the shadow.

11. Black leggings

Never underestimate the power of good leggings. This day-to-day staple became the most important wardrobe item in my Summer collection, especially during casual days at home. A good pair of leggings can really make a difference – support and sculpt is always welcomed! I love styling it with oversized tops and boyfriend fit blazers.

12. Smart shorts

Tailored shorts are a perfect solution for Summer office wear. A cute pair of smart shorts is also a great solution for a date night in the heat and a day-to-day classy substitute for denim shorts. Paired with flat or kitten-heeled sandals and a breezy cotton shirt, tailored shorts become a cute Summer outfit idea.

13. Sandals

I don’t think I need to elaborate on why sandals are the most MUST-HAVES when it comes to ultimate Summer wardrobe staples. They work well with absolutely everything – dresses, skirts, denim and suits. A hic pair of embellished or minimalistic sandals are a much more comfortable alternative to strappy heels.

14. Carry-it-all bag

Although I’m still not over cute micro bags, XL bags become more and more visible on runways and I’m all about it. Did they even ever go out of style? Carry-it-all, like its’ name suggests, becomes my more functional day-to-beach bag.

15. Denim shirt

Denim shirt, just like knitted tops and blazers, is a perfect solution for colder Summed days. A total denim look became my go-to look during rainy days. A denim shirt styled with either jeans or cute oversized denim shorts is my ultimate British Summer uniform. I also tend to up-size my denim shirts for a cute throw-on/jacket effect.

16. The perfect boot

Boots may seem a surprise position on a Summer wardrobe staple list for some, but the most iconic Californian/desert festival look is a mini dress and a great boot (yes, even the over-the-knee boot). The boot is a simple styling trick to elevate dresses and shorts. It’s also a perfect way to implement Winter investments into your Summer wardrobe.

17. Balloon-sleeve blouse

Last, but not least, ballon-sleeve blouse. Nobody said that Summer closet staples need to be boring. Puffed sleeve tops become a great addition to a Summer capsule collection and add a romantic touch to an outfit making it a perfect date or wedding guest choice. Paired with straight-leg or super relaxed jeans and strappy heels, a balloon-sleeve blouse became my go-to uniform for casual meetings.

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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