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This is not a fashion post

I’m the luckiest person in the world to say ‘I can’t imagine what Black People feel right now’, because truly, I can’t and I don’t want to. I am privileged. I am a white emigrant. I’ve been experiencing discrimination, but never ever in my life was I scared to leave my house, to go for a jog, to make a phone call on the street, to take a photo of something that amazed me outside, to grab a wallet, to play with the toys, to walk with my family member on the street, to ask police for help if needed. I don’t have to do a research on racism in countries I want to visit. I’m not even having a problem with matching my make-up to my skin tone. Absolutely no industry sector is having the big problem acknowledging my skin tone. As a child none of my parents had to have a conversation with me regarding police brutality. I never ever in my life had to consider that some innocent, natural actions that supposed to bring me joy and happiness may cause me being arrested and killed. This is white privilege.

‘But I’m not a racist’ won’t be enough in this situation. We ALL have a racist believes and tendencies coded in us, our societies, whenever it’s comfortable for you to admit it or not. And whatever you may blame – rotten authorities, corrupted media, dirty politics, your parents, discriminating workplace or school, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to work your hardest to BREAK them. Only you, as an individual, will start the change by acknowledging the massive problem, working your ass off towards change, listening to people who needs help and using your privilege to speak up and support!

What is seen on the internet, what was neglected for the centuries, is disturbing, disgusting and burdens on all of us as a HUMAN RACE. But not ‘shocking‘. We’ve seen way too many videos, photos and proves that Black Lives don’t actually matter. Many of brutal MURDERS were not recorded, and the thought of these numbers shocks me. This must end. The nonsense comments like ‘but all lives matter’ will start to be adequate as soon as BLACK LIVES WILL START TO MATTER AS MUCH AS WHITE.

My heart is with all the protesters. I hope you do your own research to see that the protests started peacefully. Powerful, but peacefully. I hope you’ll see what I can see on instagram feed what you can’t see on the tv – man claiming that he was attacked and beaten by two black men while sitting in the car, when there’s a video made by someone in the crowd of him standing with the fucking bow and arrow aiming at protesters! People vandalizing buildings, while protesters are crying out for them to stop! Officer in NY calling a woman ‘Stupid fucking bitch!’ and throwing her on the ground! Police vehicles running over people. And there’s more. In the era of social media nothing will hide, especially sickening and brutal acts!

If you can’t do anything, like me, living in UK, I’m linking the websites where you can sign the petition and donate:








Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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