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Street Style Guide – Jeans

Denim trousers are a big part of fashion, history and culture – starting as a workwear, they made their way to Elvis’ costumes, and now are the ‘classic basic’ in every wardrobe, regardless to age or sex. Jeans take a big part in fashion, especially in Street Style, but we all have to agree – denim jeans can be quite boring. So how to style them to stand out in the crowd?


Boyfriend jeans looks just perfect, when oversized. And they go perfectly with… masculine blazer (sized up up to 3 sizes). It’s a perfect outfit for every time of the year – just play with the accessories . For Spring I would pick extra tiny ones, like small sunglasses and mini tote, to create a interesting contrast,



denim on denim

Basics goes perfect with basics! And other advantage is that you probably already have essential pieces in your wardrobe. Pairing wide leg jeans with denim shirt is an easy, ready to-go casual outfit. To break the total-cold-toned outfit, pick up the accessories in the warm tones . Reds, browns and deep oranges goes just perfect with denim!




History of pants in women’s’ wardrobe is quite shocking – trousers weren’t acceptable for women to wear on the daily basis untill 70s’! Why not to celebrate superwomens who fought for that ‘privilege’ every now and then by wearing jeans+white shirt (extra masculine combo) with high heels, cute bag and chunky jewellery?



white obsession

Total white looks are always turning out great during warm days. Straight leg white jeans are A MUST to achieve this kind o f look (an plenty of other outfits) either in summer or winter. Choose volumized shirt or loose knit cardigan and cute kitten  heels to add a little bit of flirtatiousness. PS: nothing  else looks better than wooden bag, when it comes to white canvas!



don’t bore me more

A little bit of craziness never killed nobody. On the other hand being bored could lead to some big fashion regrets. Picking jeans with a twist is a perfect solution if your collection is reach in basic cut jeans. Styling them is extra easy – they go amazing in casual, sporty and chic eddition!


Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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