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Street Style Guide – Color in minimalism

Minimalism is known for its simple, classic and timeless shapes and neutral colors. Although we usually see minimal outfits in shades of nudes, grays and classic black and white, adding a little bit of vibrant colors to minimalistic look does make it stand out.

If you want to achieve Street Style Instagram worthy looks, here are my tips!


Accessories are the best instruments when it comes to any kind of outfits – they are main tools that can help you to dress-up or dress-up any kind of wardrobe piece and usually bring majority of attention. For me shoes and bags are the most personal pieces of outfit and are the best expression of the owner.




one accent

Focusing on one statement color, surrounded by strong basics is an amazing solution if you want to bring someones attention (1st date or job interview). Keep the rest simple and observe the magic!




suit game

Suits, especially oversized, are my weakness and are amazing to build many looks, depending on mood. If you are sick and tired of your classic black tailored suit, there are many options in all game of colors – starting from classic silhouettes, ending at these ‘with a twist’, like the one below. Simple t-shirt and matching or contrasting shoes is an easy and interesting casual outfit.



have fun

Interesting outfit is not the one that is correct or trendy, but the one that expresses your personality. Style has no boundaries – you can even make a sequin skirt or trousers minimal, by styling it with casual jumper or shirt and classic jewellery.


Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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