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Recipe for perfect NUDE!

Creams, off-whites, warm and cold toned beiges and all the shades of brown – our beloved nudes comes back strong during upcoming Spring/Summer season, ESPECIALLY in total mono outfits!


The good thing about these news is that there is 99% chances you are owner of something in that shade already and if not, nude is a classic statement that will never go out of style, which is a double reason to look for fresh goodies. Warmer days also will require not much more than light wear trench and dress or top + trousers combination, which is wallet friendly as well!



There is no bad way to style this trend and it’s extra easy as well – you can go totally in, composing the pieces in the same tone, or mix slightly different shades of washed whites and creams. Adding personal touch, like straw bucket bag, as they made a spectacular way from picnics and beaches to street wear (and works just amazing with all-nude looks) or funky sunglasses is indicated!

Off-white, white and ivory looks just on point, when it comes to wooven accesories!



Mono-outfits look the best when layered properly, especially while the weather is unsteady. Don’t be afraid of mixing textures and shades! My personally love from first sign is the combo of chunky sweater and cotton A-line skirt. Use whatever you have already and rock the streets! Cream coat or trench, jumper, beige jeans or paper bag trousers, which have been BIG since last summer – there is a chance they are in your wardrobe. If not, now is a perfect time to get these classics!


Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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