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Outfit Ideas – Wedding Guest Edition

What to wear as a wedding guest in Spring/Summer?

In this blog post, I’ll share foolproof, timeless wedding guest outfit ideas and how to style them. Scroll down to discover stunning wedding guest outfit formulas – from tasteful voluminous statements to classic mini dresses and comfort-first choices!

So, the wedding season officially started and you’re looking for some outfit inspiration! We’re all excited to celebrate love and dance till the sun rises. This also means that the hunt for a great wedding guest outfit is officially on. Choosing the right look, that will comfortably take you from church ceremony to dances is a key for a good night. And whilst choosing your outfit, there’s much more to consider. I’m here to help you to find your perfect outfit as a wedding guest that ticks all the boxes – respectful, chic, comfortable and appropriate to the venue settings.

Weddings can be quite a struggle (and stress) when it comes to figuring out what to wear as a guest. Your outfit will hugely depend on the wedding set-up and ‘formality level’ of the venue, dress code and weather.

My top advice is to always go for comfortable and tested fits that you’re sure, you’ll both feel and look fabulous. Keep in mind, that you’re preparing for a long-day event, that’s likely to turn into a celebration till the sunrise. The fabric of your outfit is also very important, especially when invited to the wedding during the hottest months of the year. Go for comfortable and breathable natural fabrics like silk and organic cotton. The same goes with the shoes. My top choice when it comes to footwear is always the mule – they look chic and don’t compromise the comfort. Also, unlike high-heels, they are more practical on the grass.

And although choosing off-white, bright and black colours as a guest is getting more acceptable, I would always check with the bride if they’re comfortable with that.

wedding outfit ideas - Korean influencer wearing slip dress and oversized blazer

Scroll down to browse the best wedding guest outfit ideas.


wedding guest outfit idea for white wrap dress
wedding guest outfit idea for mini black wrap dress
long elegant orange wrap dress
casual wrap dress for wedding

Wrap dresses are a perfect choice for mid-formal and family summer weddings. They’re incredibly chic and versatile yet super comfortable and adjustable. Moreover, wrap dresses are an easy and the most effective way to create a perfect hourglass figure, flattering every body shape.

How to style wrap dresses for weddings?

Opt for chic, shiny or textured fabrics to avoid an everyday dress feel if invited to a formal wedding. If you’re attending a very casual wedding, materials like cotton and linen are fabulous to keep you cool and fresh throughout the evening and night.   

To elevate the wrap dress wedding look that's in neutral colours, style it with funky accessories!

A colourful micro bag or jewellered pumps will make you stand out while not putting a shade on the bride.

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split black dress wedding guest outfit idea
black dress with side split and cut-out on runway
silk split dress wedding guest outfit idea
orange split dress

Split dresses are exceptionally beautiful and chic. They’re suitable for a black-tie events, as they are the most sleek and elegant choice you can not go wrong with. Ideal for formal and semi-formal weddings, split dress is both safe and revealing minimalistic option, that will catch many eyes.

How to style split dresses for wedding?

The slip dress is quite a statement, hence if you also go for a bold colour, your look won’t need much styling. I would opt for a sleek, elegant hairstyle and a small sparkly bag. As it’s a wow-factor dress, I would definitely avoid controversial colours like off-whites and bright red. If choosing a toned-down, classic split dress, play with statement earrings and jewellered pumps like opened toe satin pumps from Amina Muaddi (link) or any style by Mach&Mach (link).

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wedding guest outfit idea patterned mini dress
floral maxi wrap dress styled with balenciaga pumps
red and pink print romantic wedding guest outfit idea
blue polka dot patterned dress as wedding guest outfit idea

Whether it’s an interesting floral dress or abstract print, patterned dresses are a perfect idea for a wedding guest outfit! Patterned dresses are fun to style and stand-out, and would be ideal for a variety of weddings, from formal and semi-formal attire to fully casual friends’ dinner weddings. The style you go for will hugely affect the formality of the patterned dress and in my opinion, it’s always better to be slightly overdressed than under dressed for a wedding as a guest.

How to style print dresses for wedding?

One pattern I would surely avoid is an animal pattern and lately gaining in popularity naked body prints on dresses (although we love to see them!). Florals are a practical choice that beautifully complements the romantic venues, but I love seeing bolder and less obvious options like polka-dot, abstract splatters and geometrical patterns. I love crashing printed dresses with another pattern in form of funky pumps or bag to add an extra wow factor to already interesting look.

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what to wear as a wedding guest outfit idea - oversized electric vlue suit
yellow vest suit styled with platforms
Asian businesswoman wearing cool toned beige suit
Ukrainian Vogue editor wearing light pink suit styled with flat sandals

Suits are a fun way to style your wedding outfit as a guest. Especially now, with so many fun colour variations available! This ‘masculine’ statement will suit both minimal lovers and maximalist queens and will work beautifully during both summer and winter wedding set-ups. On top of that, growing in popularity vest suits will look elegant and funky. Hence, The big advantage of the suit is that you will surely be able to utilise it throughout the year and for other occasions.

How to style a suit for a wedding as a female guest?

As mentioned above, the suit can be quite a masculine statement, especially if you’re going for an oversized fit. Hence, I love seeing it elevated with subtle feminine accents like sparkly high heels or bold XXL jewellery. And similarly to a split dress, I would consider a suit outfit the main player that goes perfectly with sleek hair and glamorous, soft glam makeup. On the other hand, it can create a lovely minimalist silhouette with close to non-accessorising.

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white puff sleeve mini dress with dropped waistline
wedding guest outfit idea - pink puff sleeve mini dress
wedding guest outfit idea midi florar dress with puffed sleeves
brown puff mini dress

It’s hard to hide that this is my favourite option out of this list. Puff-sleeve dresses are a perfect way to add a little bit of playfulness volume to your wedding look both as a guest and actually, as a bride as well! Puff-sleeve mini dress with volumours skirt will create a fairy-like effect. And you truly can not go wrong with this choice – whether you choose a mini printed dress and tick three wedding outfits trends at once, go full volume with bubble-like gown, or choose minimal version of puff-sleeve dress in earthy colour. You’re set for success.

How to style puff-sleeve dress as a wedding guest?

Whilst choosing a minimal version of puff-dress, sleek Bella Hadid inspired ponytail and neon nail polish will create a wonderful subtle statement. Style it with cute barely-there kitten sandals or leather mules. If going for full extravaganza with added texture, pattern or volume (or both!), don’t stop with the dress – funky earrings, cute feminine bag (preferably spkarkly) and blushy makeup look will look both cute and fashionable.

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Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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