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October beauty products recommendations

Beauty products recommendations for Winter

I’ve tried and created a list of 6 beauty products recommendations. In-between seasons that are really rough on my complexion (combination with tendency towards oily) and this time I always want to focus even more on my skin / body care and beauty, than ever. It’s also my way to improve my mood during shorter and rainy days at home.

Lately, I became a proper skincare junkie and I spent majority of my free time in September educating myself (aka watching the YouTube videos) on products, ingredients and the way to combine and layer them to make the best of them. I also didn’t forget about the make-up. Nothing external, maybe aside of a new pair of shoes, gets me more passionate, than trying new products and seeing how they act on my skin throughout the day. I’m totally in love with the process and art behind preparing for a day and before the special event. Even though these days it’s more of the pizza on the floor and spooky movie kind of event. And with all of it, comes a never-ending list of recommendations.

Here are my top 6 beauty products recommendations:

Natasha Denona’s Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette brings me the biggest nostalgia of Summer 2020. I still love to use the popping colours this time, just to cheer myself up and a colourful eyeliner is my favorite way to do so.

Retinol is a key anti-ageing and brightening ingredient that also helps fighting with acne – night serum goals! I’ve tried this retinol serum a long time ago and decided to repurchase lately. It’s super-affordable and really makes a difference to my skin. As an active ingredient (can cause irritation and increase sensitivity to sun damage), this one is very gentle on my skin and after a week I saw a major improvement with the texture on my forehead. ***I’m using it every other night, ALWAYS following the sunscreen!

Body is as important as face, when it comes to skin care, but we usually focus on one. This body serum did improve my skin condition, when I thought nothing would help, after struggling for years with keratosis pilaris. ***AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) is a chemical exfoliator, that boosts skin’s natural ability to exfoliate. Sounds scary, but it’s actually less damaging and more effective that mechanical scrub.

I’m not a fan of ‘baking’ and heavy make-up in general, but I do love me some good setting powder. I’ve been using Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder for a while, and I swear by it, but I wanted a to try this Veil Translucent Powder for a while now, especially after seeing all the reviews.

Do I even have to get into benefits of the pro and prebiotics? Guts is our second brain and skin reveals all what you put in your body, so it’s very important to not only lather yourself in creams, lotions and serums, but to take a proper care of your body from within, eat healthy and move. Seeing only good reviews of this collagen boosts supplement, I got intrigued and ordered imminently. I can’t wait to see the results with my own eyes (and feel with my own gust).

Last but absolutely not least, oil cleanser. I’m totally in love with Biossance and it’s definitely landing on the top of my skincare discovery of the 2020. If you wear makeup and / or sunscreen, you NEED to double cleanse and oil based cleanser is the best in breaking the makeup and sunscreen, which can be a pain to be fully removed from your skin. If you’re oily or combination skin (like me), you shouldn’t be worried about oil based products. Oil is also the best in breaking the oil produced by your skin, and helps with balancing oil production and hydration. Remember, oily skin doesn’t mean it’s hydrated. It actually can be oily because it needs hydration and moisture.

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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