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How to spice up a Spring dress look with red boot

Red boot is a definite MUST HAVE in every Street Style lovers wardrobe. It goes amazing with every look, adding a little bit of funkiness to even the most basic, and at the same time my favorite, white t-shirt and jeans outfit and creates an interesting statement.

I’m a big fan of not only experimenting and expressing yourself with the clothes, but of actually WEARING them. What I love about red boots even more, you can make a use of them during colder Spring/Summer, by styling them with your dress (preferably leveled up shirt dress). It creates spiced up, interesting look, inpired by Fashion Week Street Style. And doesn’t allow your boots to be forgoten about untill Fall!

What’s even better about this combo is that most of the Spring/Summer inspired dresses are in blue palette, which will create an eye-catching color contrast.








Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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