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3 easy ways to make your outfit look expensive

Either it’s an interview for a new job, first date or just that day when you want to look good for yourself, we all want to look amazing and well put together. Dress to impress is a thing, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong about it. Wearing a greatly tailored suit, cute outfit or high heels is an easy, external way to boost out mood and confidence a little bit.

But how to look more expensive without spending a lot of money? I came with 3 easy ways to make your outfit look expensive (without maxing the credit card).


Total neutral outfits is a great hack to look more expensive instantly and effortlessly! Bright, neutral colors make you look clean, professional and approachable. There’s a big chance that you’re in the possession of few things (believe me, you don’t need many!). Few of my favorite neutral palette look precipices are: basic white t-shirt and cropped cream jeans with caramel sweater thrown around shoulders, white tank top and creme chino trousers paired with strappy heels (similar to picture above) or white t-shirt and linen Bermuda shorts in natural colour. If you’re looking for more, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Instagram (@rosiehw) is a major inspiration!

how to look more expensive - oversize

Oversizing is another great trick, when it comes to achieving a look that  looks expensive. The secret to do so is not particularly looking for oversized styles, but up-sizing 1, 2 to up to 3 sizes. Don’t be afraid to visit men’s sections in stores – it’s my favorite place to look for affordable oversized blazers (or hoodies and tracksuit pants, when it comes to way more casual styles). I also occasionally borrow clothes from my partner (and buy him pieces that I plan to wear as well)!  I usually go with up-sized upper part of outfit (blazers, trenches, coats and shirts), but lately like to experiment with oversized bottoms! I always try to style it with contrasting pieces, like micro tops, bra tops (like on picture above) and second skin-like tank tops. Whenever I need an inspiration, when it comes to oversized looks, I visit Sylvie Mus’ Instagram (@sylviemus_).

make it look expensive - suits

I believe that every woman should have at least one perfectly tailored suit. Wearing suit instantly boosts your confidence and makes you feel empowered, powerful and respected. What doubles up the value of suit is the fact that you can create many looks with the blazer and suit pants, not necessarily office-appropriate, like styling the blazer with jeans and boots, or pants with sweater and high heels.  It may seem as a very expensive investment. My tip is to search on local second hand shops and apps, like Depop or Vinted (my 2 absolute favorite), or searching through annual Summer and Winter sales.

Extra tips: How to make outfits look expensive on the budget?

▸ Look in the second hand shops and apps – you can find amazing quality pieces in perfect condition and save money!

▸Tailor! If you love a piece, but it doesn’t fit perfectly, or is available only in bigger sizes, visit your local tailor. Not only will it make you look extra expensive for a small price, but you’ll boost the local economy!

▸Look up the men’s section. I hit it up for blazers, but I also noticed that men’s t-shirts and lounge wear are almost always better quality in better prices.

▸If you want to invest in more expensive items, it’s worth saving the links in your bookmark folder and check it regularly for discounts and sales

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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