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5 skincare products I keep repurchasing

Lately (and by lately I mean since the beginning of 2019), I became quite a skincare junkie. With my oily to normal complexion, failures and hours spent reading ingredients, reviews and recommendations, I created my go-to list of products that religiously end up in my basket and I can swear by.

Having an oily complexion doesn’t mean avoiding them in skincare products! Oil breaks the oil, so it’s important to include them in the daily routine. It’s my 4th bottle of this deep-green oil – I use this U.F.O. face oil every night after applying moisturizer and didn’t experience a serious breakout ever since.

This face mask is a literal skin savior for acne-prone skin! Let’s speak science a little bit – it’s powered by colloidal silver, which is a key antibacterial ingredient fighting with breakouts, salicylic acid that is a powerful yet gentle chemical exfoliator that helps with not only smoothing the skin but targets pigmentation issues and glycolic acid that brightens and cleanses the complexion. And it definitely does it’s job!

Finding a day time oil for oily combination skin can be quite a challenge. Finding the one with a clean, short list of ingredients was close to impossible. Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil not only fights the free radicals (aka little ageing monsters), leaves skin nourished, moisturized and brightened like promised, but is gentle on skin, smells amazing and is extremely light on skin, which makes it an A+ face oil for oily combination.

Containing Hungarian thermal waters, this mist was inspired by first ever recorded perfume formulated for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in the XIV century. It nourishes, heals and regenerates, leaving your skin glowing from within. I use it as a 1st and last step of my morning and night skincare routine, plus any time I feel like my face needs a refreshing during the day.

It’s never too early (or late) to start using products targeting the symptoms of ageing and Dr. Barbara Sturm uses her expert medical knowledge to target them on the cellular level. I chose the richer version of her cult face cream to target dry patches, which appear during colder seasons, regardless of the oiliness of my complexion and I was amazed with the results – and started using it in my night routine all year around. A little goes a looong way, so it’s definitely worth every penny!

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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