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5 Make-Up Products I Love This Summer

This Summer it’s all about healthy, supermodel-like and natural glow – and as a subtle highlighter junkie I could not be happier! Find out my top 5 Summer make-up products that help me to achieve the flawless, glowy look! Uh, and yes, all are cruelty-free!

I truly can’t live without this product! You can use it as a highlighter, primer or on its’ own on your ‘no make-up days’ to add that subtle glow I’m all about! I mean, it’s called Hollywood Flawless Filter for the reason.

I think I tried almost all mascaras available on the market there, and this one from Hourglass is so far the best. I couldn’t find if it’s waterproof but it definitely acts like one, without being difficult to remove and without drying my eyes out (which usually happens when it comes to waterproof ones).

As much as I love seeing so called ‘Instagram brows’ on others, it just doesn’t suit me. I’m all about the natural, supermodel brow look! This gel is helping me to tame my brows and keep them at bay through the whole day.

This pearl in my little lip gloss collection is my absolutely favorite discovery this Summer! The formula is so nourishing and non-sticky, super comfortable to wear during a hot day and night. Plus it looks just perfect on and compliments every tone of skin. I wasn’t sure about glitter pieces, but I became obsessed with them (in a good way)!

This is the perfect product to add not only to your Summer make-up collection, but thought the whole year out. I use it mainly as blush and it blends beautifully, even over a powder, which surprised me the most. I own the one in color Werk, but to be honest, I love it so much I crave all the shades available!

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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