5 items I’m buying this Spring

minimal look knitted top and jacket

In the search of life-long investments, I created a simple 5-items long Spring/Summer 2021 must-haves list, that is wearable all year around and can be implemented in any fashion-loving persons’ wardrobe.

While in a chaotic period of updating and expanding my wardrobe, I follow 3 simple rules, that help me make sure a decision I made is aligned with my personal style:

(1)I always gravitate towards every-day statements and quality. While investing money in pieces, I make sure that the item is ‘basic but with a twist’ as I learned that these items are the ones I enjoy wearing on a daily basis. (2)I look for long-lasting solutions rather than one-season (or even worse – one week) trends and I’m very careful with where I put my money in. Plus, (3)I make sure the pieces I choose, whenever they are my beloved ‘basics with a twist’ or a total statement, are a good fit with what I already have and love. I try to come up with at least 5 to 10 outfits with the new piece and the ones I already own to be certain that it will be something that I don’t abandon at the bottom of my wardrobe, because it doesn’t go well with the rest.

I created a short (but strong) list of Spring/Summer 2021 must-haves, that you definitely need to check out!

A wardrobe staple, stripped shirt, but a statement at the same time. It’s oversized fit with a large collar and pockets make it so special! I’m truly obsessed with versatility of this shirt – you can style it with absolutely any bottoms or wear it as a dress. I would love to style it with black bicycling shorts or as a dress, brown slide-on shoes and chunky jewellery for warmer seasons or with leather trousers for chillier nights.

Dragon Diffusion woven leather tote is a Spring/Summer 2021 must-have. It makes a perfect in-between and all year around bag. It’s woven, so it brings Summer memories and it’s made of leather – perfect balance of Fall and Winter. It will compliment absolutely every outfit – from black maxi dress to a heavy coat.

Although I’m getting more and more into XL sunglasses, I’m still not over small sunnies – especially in not-so-sunny days when I want to cover my dark under eyes. These Linda Farrow Half-Rim Sunglasses stole my heart – they are a very classic, iconic shape but with a big statement and I’m here for that.

In search of a perfect black midi, I came across USISI Sister Margherita Dress and I fell in love with the body wrapping waist and large, 70’s inspired collar. It’s yet another perfect example of ‘basic with statement’ that I would love to wear during colder Spring days or with knee high boots during winter.

The perfect combination of buttery brown suede and blue strappy details makes these sandals a perfect choice for many seasons to come. Although the strappy sandal is limited to the weather conditions, I feel like I would wear them all year around (maybe only indoors during Winter). They would work perfectly with formal suits and denim and actually, with every single piece above! 🙂


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