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4 books to read this summer

Summer is my favorite season for lots of reasons – fresh fruits, summer dresses and bikini season. And looong afternoons in garden (or at beach) spent with lemon water and books.

How to Be an Overnight Success by Maria Hatzistefanis

Not only a great self-help style and motivation book, but an amazing story of Maria Hatzistefanis, founder and CEO of Rodial, who takes you through the beggining of her luxurous skincare and beauty company in the office in her home, to campaings with mega stars like Kylie Jenner, prooving that everything is achievable and learnable with dedication, hard work and openmindness.

Kintsugi by Tomás Navarri

Kintsugi, ‘Golden Repair’, is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold laquer, which are interpretated as a history of object and symbol of beauty and strenght as well as fragility. By reading that book you will learn how to apply this philosophy to your spiritual and emotional life.

Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind is a perfect readding that will help you to understand our own behaviours, based strongly at the very beggining of long process of shaping Homo Sapiens, to how we trapped ourfelves with Agricultural Revolution, to our future end. I highly recommend this honest and eye-opening book to everyone!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

A must read – if you’re an artist, parent, passionate cooker, blogger, coin collector or bussinesswoman, this book will show you fresh, amazing approach to creating processes, including these most frustrating.

Hope you enjoyed.  Love, Ally Kraw

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